NGOs That Are Working For Children’s Rights In India

THESE NGOs are working to improve the condition of underprivileged children. These NGOs are probably one of the very best in the country who have brought significant changes in the lives of these children by means of education, providing them food, shelter and by nurturing them.

Make A Difference Foundation (MAD)

Source: global1.youth-leader

MAD is an NGO that works tirelessly towards the cause of improving the life of less privileged children. The NGO is working round the clock in 23 cities of the country. Their motive is simple. Education for all and love for the children who never got it. Our country is not focusing on tackling this issue and there was indeed a need for such an NGO that can do just that.

MAD helps more than 4500 children annually and is continually working towards the goal of improving the literacy rate and improving the condition of orphans. Programmes like ED support, Discover and Propel are implemented to help the children realise their true potential.

You can volunteer, donate or apply for a job as a teacher over their web site.

Smile Foundation

Source: Smilefoundationindia

Smile foundation has been active since 2002 and is considered as one of the top organisations of India that is working towards improving the present condition of children, women and more. Their work has made a significant impact in the lives of the underprivileged. That are giving their best and have given the children a sword of education to help them fight through the many obstacles that life threw at them. Their programmes involve education, healthcare, livelihood, special support programme and more.

Save the Children

Source: Savethechildren

This foundation is one of the oldest ones in India and is active in 20 states. Save the Children foundation was created in 1922 and since then they have helped over 13 lakh children. They run programmes like Child support, emergencies, educations, health nutritions etc. Their mission is to provide a safe sustainable future for all the children.

Nanhi Kali

Source: Nanhikali

All Nanhi Kalis of India needs empowerment. What better way to empower than through education. Education is a powerful tool as it can make them self-dependant. Nahi kallis of India need help. Those who are less privileged or have been barred by social stigma needs support. Nanhi Kali foundation is providing just that. Nahni Kali has been active since 1996 and since then they have provided help and support to over 120,000 girls of the nation with widespread operations in 10 states. Nanhi Kalli has become a global organization that collect donations and support from their operations in places like UK and USA so that the girl child of India can learn and study.

Asha Foundation

Source: Ashafoundation

Asha was created in 1991 in Berkeley with the aim to bring about a change in the education system and bridge the gap between the privileged and the underprivileged. Asha has been active since then and now has 50 branches spread across countries like India, UK, USA and Canada. Asha’s vision is clear, they want to improve the conditions of children in India and provide them with educational opportunities and nurture them so that one day they can become a part of the society and don’t have to depend on anyone. Asha is active in 24 states of India and has over 400 project partners. With them they have collectively spent over 32 millions towards the goal of improving the present conditions.

You too can help out these amazing organizations in their missions. Just head over to their web site click on donate. Alternatively, you can even volunteer to work with them. You can become an agent that will work hand in hand these NGOs who are changing the lives of the less privileged children.

Author: Ayank chourasia

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