Now your urine can power your mobile phone!

People generally flush out urine or, as sometimes seen in India, just ‘water the trees’. But will you ever store it and carry it with you? A research team from University of Bath wants us exactly to do the same.

The researchers at this UK-based university have developed a micro fuel cell that can generate electricity from urine! A slight fuel cell can help you out to generate enough power to charge a mobile phone by using bacteria to turn organic matter into energy. What more — the researchers even claim that the cell will be very affordable, costing in the range 1$ to 2$. The research is published in the journal — Electrochimica Acta.

Dr Mirella Di Lorenzo and chemical engineering PhD student Jon Chouler. Source: Sky News

Microbial fuel cells can play an important role in addressing the triple challenge of finding that support secure, affordable and environmentally sensitive energy. PhD student Jon Chouler, the lead author of the study, said “Microbial fuel cells could be a great source of energy in developing countries, particularly in impoverished and rural areas.”

Days are not far when instead of asking around for a charger, all you will need to do is take a trip to washroom!

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Author: Piyush Rishi

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