Unusual Art of One Joan Cornella — Man With Twisted & Sadistic Imagination

What I am about to share with you guys is highly unusual. Some of these images may deem too graphic and eerie, so here I am putting out a Disclaimer for you guys. Scroll down only if you can handle it, don’t blame me afterwards. I did warn you guys.

Joan is no ordinary artist. He creates comics and has also published a book on it, but his book may not appeal to everyone. He commands a massive fan following on social media and in the real world. What makes this guy have so many fans? Lets take a look and find out what he does that spawned a cult of his own.

A very twisted comic that depicts death rows

Is this what the future is gonna belike? Everything must be in HD?

This one says — ‘I got your back bro’

Well, the cop did win the race

What kind of fishing is that?

This explains the importance of good investment

Even Bradly cooper is a fan , who would have thought?

Good deeds do create a ripple effect, Joan nailed it

Mother’s love is the best, ain’t it?

Joan has a supporter in Donald J Trump

If you really enjoyed his art, then you can order his book ZONZO it’s available over the web. Tell us in comments how much loved or hated the art.

PS: Author is a fan

Author : Ayank Chourasia

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