Virat Kohli — Is He The Next Legend Of Indian Cricket?

WE do not understand how he is doing it but he is doing it that is all we know. Kohli single-handedly took India to the Semis of T20 world cup and even in that match against the Windies which India lost, he was the only one who performed. It seems like he has carried over his form to the IPL.

Source: mid-day

800+ and counting in a single season of IPL

Source: news18

You read that right! This beast of a batman has breached the 800 mark and is the only person in the world to do so in the IPL. While Kohli stands strong at 865 his fellow team mate ABD is close second with 597 runs (Sarcasm! I am a ABD fan and I know the difference between 865 and 597) and Chris Gayle did not even make the top 5! (He stands at a desolate 41th position)

Author: Ayank Chourasia

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