Wrestlemania 32 — The Rock Appreciation Post

Trailing blazer, eyebrow raiser, pie eraser, moves that hit you faster than laser — There is only one guy who can do it all and its ‘The Rock’. The world’s most loved, respected and one of the greatest WWE superstars of all time. He is that kind of a person who can make your day if he just looked at you and said “hey”, which I am sure he will because of his extremely humble & charming personality.

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Those who has seen this week’s wrestle-mania will know why he is being celebrated all across the world. The great one came back and he broke two massive records from Wrestle-mania's history books.

Over 100,000 showed up for the mega event and it can be said that it was because of this legendary guy,

Source: Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

6 second beat down on the Wyatt family was something that hasn’t been done before in wrestle-mania, another record torn apart for the fastest pin ever in wrestle mania.

He came from nothing and Gained everything

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Rock’s journey to attaining greatness began in Auckland, New Zealand where he lived with his mother’s family. In 10th Grade he moved to Honolulu, Hawaii. Rock’s father, grandfather, grandmother and cousins — all were engaged in wrestling business. So we can say that Rock had an early exposure to wrestling world and was always familiar with it. He didn’t jump right into the family tradition. For a brief period of time Dwayne played American football but, due to injuries, he was mostly sidelined because of it. In a way, it was good for him as football wasn’t for him. Although he was a promising athlete, he was made for something else.

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He wasn’t always loved and his debut stage name wasn’t rock. He used to call himself Rocky Maivia which was a combination of his Father and grandfather’s ring name. WWF pushed rock real hard as he went onto win his first match which was a eight man elimination match. That never sat well with the fans, as it is never easy to accept a new guy beating everyone you love, that’s a bummer. Anyway, rock went on to win the Intercontinental Championship in the next year still he was getting bitter treatment from fans. Hard to believe that fans once hated him, isn't it? He played the role of heel in the early years, although he too had his fair share of fans but amidst the era of legends, its not easy to make your name. Which is why the world love and admire this Magnificent brown bald guy from Auckland, as he was different than the lot and he always lived up to his banter “Just Bring it”.

Champion of Attitude Era

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Austin was the pioneer of the ‘Attitude-Era’ and The Rock made the Era his own. These two superstars went head to head against one another on 3 occasions, all the matches took place in Wrestle Mania. After a brief stint with Hollywood, Rock decided to come back to WWE. He was aiming for the World title but failed to become its No.1 contender. He then feuded with Stone Cold Steve Austin which later became a match-up in Wrestle-mania XIX. In this third fight, Rock managed to secure a win over the long time rival Stone Cold Steve Austin He did it by delivering 3 back to back Rock bottoms that ended the losing streak and also Stone Cold’s Legendary Career. By all regards he is the people’s champion and true champion of the attitude era.

Dwayne ‘The Movie Star’ Johnson

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From debuting in Walking tall to Walking like a total bad-ass with a metal spitting HMG in hand of Fast 7, The Rock had a heck of a journey. He has done 30 movies so far and has evolved as the biggest movie star of the era. What’s up with this bald guy, whatever he touches he turns it into pure gold. Now if we put it in WWE terms the Rock is the people’s champion both in the ring and over the big screen.

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Dwayne’ The Humble Guy’ Johnson

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He is the superstar of the Era and people’s champion who makes Billions of dollars every year and look how he acts when a fan tries to take a picture of him, He bombs it. Who does that? No one, a star of his magnitude who has over 55 million fans on Facebook and another 10 million on twitter. He is a down to earth person who can never ever forget his roots and where he came from, Driving inspiration from everything ‘The Rock’ is one guy everyone should look up to. His latest act of love and kindness came when he visited the children’s ward of Memorial Health hospital in Savannah after he was done filming the upcoming film ‘Baywatch’.

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Author: Ayank Chourasia

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