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What is new in My Digital Garden Last Month — (in Jun 2022)

I’m posting the different phases of the applications I’ve developed for ten months on the Digital Garden page on Digital Garden is getting stronger day by day. I use the knowledge I gained from here later in my work.

FullScreen Support For Demo Layouts

This month, I first extended the DemoLayout structure with FullScreen Support. How is it working

When you enter any application screen, you can switch to full-screen mode by clicking the below button, or if you want to exit FullScreen mode, press the ESC button.

Fullscreen Button

You can see the normal .and full-screen mode of SimpleCalculator in the picture below.

Different Device Layouts

After developing the fullscreen feature, we can try digital garden samples in different device layouts (iPhone, iPad Mini, iPad Air, Macbook). The below image displays the responsiveness of Simple Calculator.

GitHub Log Viewer Color Support

In this example, you can see that we have added LogViewer Color Support. Therefore, the following GitHub Log Viewer has both collapsible and color capabilities.

Visual SQL Editor Column Support

I am trying to build a Visual SQL Editor/Builder in this example. First, I focused on a structure that could select Columns.

Visual SQL Editor Tables

In this example, I am trying to visualize DB Tables.

Visual SQL Editor (Column & Tables)

I combined the Columns and Tables we made in the examples above. While doing this, I added Search and Focusing on Selected Column features.

Visual SQL Editor (Multi-Column)

As you know, SQL can consist of more than one column. So, for example, select column1, column2 from … I have brought this to a structure that can create a MultiColumn.

Visual SQL Editor (Multi Data Source)

Likewise, you may be working on more than one DB.

Visual SQL Editor (Filters)

In SQL, there are options to add filters, just like in Columns, so the columns you make come up according to specific criteria. In this section, the user can write the desired condition.

Past Updates

Let’s continue reading 😃

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