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What is new in My Digital Garden Last Month — (in Nov 2021)

Every month I give updates in my digital garden. November productivity is mainly combining more than two or more components in an experiment.

1. GitHub Explorer V1

I try to combine Navigation Card and GitRepoComplexLayout in a garden plant. These navigation cards hold links to public GitHub Repos to open with our plant.

2. Navigation Card Edit

After I developed GitHub Explorer V1, I think users want to change or add new navigation cards for new Github Repositories. First, we need to manage NavigationCards, so I developed NavigationCardEdit widget to make the below actions;

  • Add New Navigation Card
  • Update Navigation Card
  • Delete Navigation Card

3. GitHub Explorer V2

After NavigationCard Edit capability, I combine 3 digital plants and build GitHub Favorite Plant.

fx (NavigationCard_Edit, NavigationCard, And GitRepoComplexLayout)

4. Infinite Scroll

In react, an ecosystem different kinds of infinite scrolling libraries exist like React-Infinite-Scroll or React Virtualized. But in this demo, I tried to develop with Native JS and CSS

5. Classic Game Board

Every game has a layout. Some of them are big layout like (tetris) some of them are small(tic tac toe). All of old style 80s, 90s games uses pixel for layouts. In this example I tried to build different games layouts.

6. Scrollable Game Board

Some of the game layout slides are on the x-axis or y-axis. We define this kind of games Side Scrolling Games (For example Super Mario) or Vertical Scrolling Games (For example River Raid)

7. Flame Graph

A flame graph displays hierarchical data in two-dimensional views. In this example, I developed a dynamic FlameGraph Data Generator.

8. Flame Graph With Custom Tooltip

In this demo, we tried to add a custom tooltip to the flame graph when using hover on items.

9. Static Counter

Single Counter , Multiple Counter

Single Counter , Multiple Counter

10. Counter Parts

The counter widget has different parts, this demo gives users access and edit every component below;

  • increase
  • decrease
  • reset
  • value

Past Updates

Let’s continue reading 😃

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My Digital Garden Notes

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