React component’s lifecycle.

Osmel Mora
Jun 22, 2016 · 6 min read

A journey to the React components internals.

In previous posts we covered the basics of React and how to build more complex interfaces composing components. In this post we will continue exploring the features of React’s components. Specifically, the component’s lifecycle.


The initialization phase is where we define defaults and initial values for this.props and this.state by implementing getDefaultProps() and getInitialState() respectively.


Mounting is the process that occurs when a component is being inserted into the DOM. This phase has two methods that we can hook up with: componentWillMount() and componentDidMount().

getInitialState: function() {...},componentWillMount: function() {


There are also methods that will allow us to execute code relative to when a component’s state or properties get updated. These methods are part of the updating phase and are called in the following order:

componentWillReceiveProps: function(newProps) {
this.setState({count: newProps.initialCount});
  • render()
  • componentDidUpdate()
componentWillUpdate: function(nextProps, nextState) {
console.log('componentWillUpdate', nextProps, nextState);
  1. prevState: the previous state object


In this phase React provide us with only one method:

componetWillUnmount: function(){


React gives us the possibility when creating components to declare methods that will be called automatically in certain occasions throughout the component’s lifecycle. Now we have a clear understanding of the role that each component’s lifecycle method plays and the order in which they are called. This gives us the opportunity to perform certain actions when the component is created and destroyed. It also allows us to react to props and state changes accordingly, to easily integrate third-party libraries and to tackle performance optimization problems.

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