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4 min readMay 6, 2018


Mingling at React Finland 2018

One of the outcomes of React Finland 2018 has been blog coverage by people attending the event. In this post, I will highlight the posts I am aware of. If I am missing something, let me know and I will add it here.

React Finland from Newbie Perspective by Sauli Rajala

Sauli Rajala came to the conference as a newbie. He wanted to know what React is about. The tricky part of organizing a conference is figuring out a program that caters different skill levels. Based on Sauli’s posts, I feel we achieved this quite well:

Sauli gave each talk a MacGyver rating. The posts are fun to read and give you more insight on what was going on at the conference.

Jörge Ojanen on React Finland

Kasia puts it the way it is.

Jörge Ojanen wrote a favorable review on the conference and hopes to see it next year!

I’ve been developing with React couple of years now. Like real projects, for a customer and someone has been paying me to do it. But I remember when framework wars were really just starting to really escalate, we were wondering what to use in out forthcoming project in my workplace at the time. We ended up choosing AngularJS. React was also on the table. Pretty soon after we had started the project, google announced the fate (sic) of AngularJS. So yeeeah. — Jörge Ojanen

React Finland 2018 mission Helsinki by David Leuliette

The new best practices summary by David

David Leuliette took React Finland 2018 as his mission. As an outcome, we have amazing drawn summaries. David also wrote on his workshop experiences.

Thanks David! Maybe we should get you to the event next year as well. :)

Tatu Tamminen on Workshops

We provided snacks at the workshops

Tatu Tamminen wrote a brief review on the workshop day. Next year we should take more care with the power and WLAN situation. Overall, he liked Michel’s state management workshop so it worked out in the end. He noted that we don’t have too many web development related conferences in Finland and I completely agree with that.

Two days of React Finland 2018 by Marko Wallin

How React changed everything by Marko Wallin

Marko Wallin wrote two in-depth posts about the conference. He liked the fact that it was a single track one and from his point of view everything run smoothly which sounds great. I feel he got a lot out of the conference:

React Finland 2018 by Barry McGee

Architecture of Helsinki by Barry McGee

Barry McGee came from the UK to visit our humble conference. He seemed to like the single track format as well and based on Barry’s review, he was happy to have made the trip!

React Finland 2018 Tour Diary by Artem Sapegin

Helsinki harbor by Artem Sapegin

Artem Sapegin wrote a tour diary about his visit to Finland. He was happy with the conference and can’t wait for the next year’s edition! The post contains great summaries as well.

Lisäoppia Reactista by Aki Foudila

Aki Foudila came to the conference to learn more about React as it’s a technology their company has recently adopted. He changed his mind on typing and would like to participate again. Note that Aki’s post is Finnish only.

Because community matters! by Toni Ristola

Gofore at React Finland 2018 by Toni Ristola

Toni Ristola, one of the organizers, wrote about why his company Gofore decided to sponsor the event. I feel having local companies visible at the conference made it better and also helped us to organize it in financial terms. Toni also wrote about his experience as a first time conference speaker. Apparently Ken’s pep talk was spot on!

React Finland — Your Chance to Learn React Up North — Interview with Juho Vepsäläinen

I wrote a small interview to my blog about the conference around December 2017. I mentioned that “I have a feeling React Finland will be a good conference.” and I think it wasn’t a bad one so I guess I got something right!


React Finland generated plenty of excitement. I didn’t expect to see this many blog posts about the 2018 edition. Also Twitter is full of material that gives a better idea of how everything went. It’s always good when you inspire people.