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Inside Fiber: in-depth overview of the new reconciliation algorithm in React

The how and why on everything from React elements to Fiber nodes

Setting the background

  • updates count property in the state of ClickCounter
  • retrieves and compares children of ClickCounter and their props
  • updates props for the span element

From React Elements to Fiber nodes

React Elements

Fiber nodes

Current and work in progress trees


Effects list

Root of the fiber tree

Fiber node structure

General algorithm

  • [UNSAFE_]componentWillMount (deprecated)
  • [UNSAFE_]componentWillReceiveProps (deprecated)
  • getDerivedStateFromProps
  • shouldComponentUpdate
  • [UNSAFE_]componentWillUpdate (deprecated)
  • render
  • getSnapshotBeforeUpdate
  • componentDidMount
  • componentDidUpdate
  • componentWillUnmount

Render phase

Main steps of the work loop

Commit phase

  • Calls the getSnapshotBeforeUpdate lifecycle method on nodes tagged with the Snapshot effect
  • Calls the componentWillUnmount lifecycle method on nodes tagged with the Deletion effect
  • Performs all the DOM insertions, updates and deletions
  • Sets the finishedWork tree as current
  • Calls componentDidMount lifecycle method on nodes tagged with the Placement effect
  • Calls componentDidUpdate lifecycle method on nodes tagged with the Update effect

Pre-mutation lifecycle methods

DOM updates

Post-mutation lifecycle methods

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