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A Detailed List of Speakers and Their Talks for this year’s most amazing React Event

Rajat S
Rajat S
Aug 4 · 12 min read

React India 2019 is only two months away and I am super excited to announce our lineup of awesome speakers who are equally excited to meet you and share their knowledge and experiences about React (and a few other things)!

We received more than 350 talk submissions from great speakers all over the world. After a long and thorough review process, we have the final 25 speakers that you will get to meet on September 27 and 28.

If you are new to React India 2019, its a three-day event that’s all about React, taking place from September 26 in Goa, India. The tickets are selling fast, so go and get your tickets now!

Meet our speakers for React India 2019!

Sunil Pai: Aam Aadmi React

Sunil Pai

Builder of websites for Myntra, Yahoo, Visa, and many others, Sunil Pai is also known for his cool open source projects!

In his talk, Sunil will show us how React takes some really hard UI problems and solves them in its own inimitable way.

Sara Vieira: The Art of Over-Engineering

Currently at CodeSandbox as a Developer, Sara is also an Open Source enthusiast and a frequent conference speaker.

In this talk, Sara will go over a developer’s tendency to over-engineering things and how it can be a good or bad thing. Sara will also talk about why people over-engineer and what you can learn from it.

Nader Dabit: Curious Cases of GraphQL

Nader Dabit is a Developer Advocate at AWS For Mobile and has been working with React Native for over 2 and a half years. He has worked with and trained developers from fortune 500 companies like Amazon, Visa, American Express, and Microsoft, helping them to get up to speed with React Native as quickly as possible.

In his talk, Nader will show you how developers are using GraphQL to do things that you would have thought were never even possible!

Phil Plückthun: Modular Client-Side GraphQL with urql

Phil is a Tech Lead at FormidableLabs and is a core contributor for styled-components.In his talk, Phil will introduce urql, a new GraphQL Client for React by Formidable Labs. Phil will explain how urql works and why it exists, and you will get to see some of what you can do with GraphQL when you absolute power over it!

Jani Eväkallio: React, Collaborate and Listen

Jani is the VP of Engineering at Formidable Labs. He is also a web enthusiast, comedian, and hosts the super-funny event Smoosh!

In this talk full of industry insights, real-world anecdata, and many unpopular opinions, Jani will offer his industry insider point of view on where we as a community of developers may have lost the plot, and how we can do better. This is a wake-up call, and the call is coming from inside the house.

Jason Lengstorf: You Belong Here

Jason is a developer, architect, occasional designer, and frequent speaker. Currently, he is the Head of DevRel at GatsbyJS.

In his talk, Jason will explain how Gatsby has doubled down on the community by offering open pair programming hours, trusting all contributors with merge access, sending free swag to contributors, and much more! You will learn how to borrow these strategies to create a healthy, welcoming community for your open source projects!

Ives van Hoorne: Making Development More Visual

Known for creating the amazing CodeSandbox, Ives will talk about developers can make their development tooling more visually oriented and how to lower the feedback loop and make it easier to create beautiful websites and apps.

Rex Isaac Raphael: High-Performance E-Commerce App in react

Rex is currently working at Snowball as a full-stack developer. He currently writes GraphQL powered projects and mentors people locally and internationally in Fullstack Development.

Rex’s talk will be focused on building high-performance e-commerce application in React, with a closer look at architecture, server-side rendering, and best practices and things to avoid in the process.

Pavithra Kodmad: A Journey to the Center of a Slow React App

Pavithra is a UI Engineer at Atlassian who has been writing JavaScript code for the past decade.

In her talk, Pavithra presents some of the major factors that can slow down a React application. The talk will cover a wide variety of reasons for why your app is loading slowly and what you can do to fix it.

Vladimir Novick: Architecting Scalable Serverless Applications with GraphQL API Using Hasura

Vladimir is a Developer Advocate at Hasura, a Google Developer Expert, consultant, worldwide speaker, published book author, 3factorRadio podcast host, and an OSS contributor. On a daily basis, Vladimir works in Web, Mobile, VR, AR, and IoT fields advocating the use of GraphQL and serverless architectures as well as functional languages such as ReasonML. In his talk, you will get to see some of the benefits of building an event-driven Realtime GraphQL backend and what problems it will solve. You will also see how to bootstrap your GraphQL backend quickly by using Hasura’s open-source engine and connecting it to serverless functions for custom business logic, providing your apps with an infinitely scalable backend with a modern GraphQL API

Shruti Kapoor: GraphQL State Management in a React World

Shruti Kapoor

Shruti is a Software Engineer at PayPal and has great experience in JavaScript, React, and GraphQL.

Shruti will help you understand how to manage data received from an API on the GraphQL Client Side, how to use hooks with GraphQL, how to use the Apollo Client to manage your app’s state, and how to use Redux with GraphQL. You will also get a closer look at GraphQL’s relationship with PayPal.

Carolyn Stransky: “Intuitive” Tooling

Carolyn is a Frontend Developer at Blacklance, organizes BerlinJS and teaches at ReDI School of Digital Integration.

In her talk, Carolyn will explain why she thinks that truly intuitive tooling doesn’t really exist. Carolyn will also talk about some of the common misconceptions in the React community and share some inclusive ways to talk about emerging frontend technologies.

Siddharth Kshetrapal: Refactoring React

Sid has worked at Auth0 and Practo in the past and is currently working on his own projects. He is also known for his ingenious way of explaining React through games! In this talk, Sid talks about code quality for people who are already working with React and how to identify “code smells” in your React App and what you can do to improve it!

Prateek Bhatnagar: State of Preact

Prateek is currently working with Google Chrome and sometimes helps out at WorkboxJS. He is also a core team member for Preact. Prateek’s talk will go over the recent changes in Preact and its ecosystem and what else is yet to come. Prateek will show you how Preact guards and pushes your app’s performance with its meta-framework Preact CLI.

Kiran Abburi: Building Offline First Apps with GraphQL and Apollo

Kiran is a founder of NeoStack, and works as a consultant on GraphQL and React projects. He also contributes to open-source projects and organizes the ReactJS Bangalore Meetup.

Kiran will talk about his experiences while implementing an offline-first app with GraphQL and Apollo.

Gireesh Punathil: Follow your code — Node/V8 tracing

Gireesh Punathil

Currently at IBM India Software Labs, Gireesh is also a contributing member of NodeJS Technical Steering Committee and has over 17 years of experience in Node and Java.

According to Gireesh, a large percentage of Node app misbehavior can be diagnosed and the root cause identified through the inbuilt tracing capabilities of Node/V8. Node has quite a few under-documented but very powerful tracing options which can be quite handy while development, testing, and production phases to make sure that the application architecture and design are indeed reflected in the code, without ever instrumenting it.

Gireesh will talk about the “Top 10” tracing options for Node/V8, ranging from the most simple JavaScript method tracing to turning off specific JIT compiler options to diagnose and resolve complex crashes or functional issues.

Eesh Tyagi: Cleartrip’s reactive journey from 3 to 0.2s using Apollo GraphQL, Redis Caching, and Monitoring

Eesh is a Lead UI Developer at Cleartrip and in his talk, he will be sharing a few details about Cleartrip’s single GraphQL endpoint and how it has made things much easier for their React client, from avoiding the unnecessary over-fetching of verbose data to making the React Client App much cleaner and faster!

Eesh will also talk about how Cleartrip has using Redis Caching at GraphQL server to improve the overall page load time.

Shahidh K Muhammed: Build your own backend in the ‘redux’ style with GraphQL mutations (dispatch), `pure` serverless functions (reducers), and GraphQL subscriptions (updated state)

Shahidh is an Engineer at Hasura and maintains their open-source GraphQL Engine.

Shahidh presents a live-coding demo where he explains how one can create a backend business logic using redux abstractions of dispatching actions, writing reducers as pure functions and subscribing to updated state. If you have used Redux with React, then you will find this to be a much comfortable way to using GraphQL as a backend for your React App.

Ritesh Kumar: Beats on the Web — A Journey Into Performance

Ritesh is a Lead Software Engineer at Anarock and is currently working on open source projects involving developer tooling, design systems, and music.

Ritesh’s talk focuses on how he has used React to build a music application. The talk focuses on Ritesh has used different threads, web features and React in sync while building this app, and the journey that a developer goes on to turn an idea into a product and the different decisions that Ritesh had to make with regards to design and implementation.

Ananya Neogi: React for Designers

Ananya Neogi is a Frontend Developer at Box8 who loves to design with code. Ananya speaks the truth when she says — “The almighty React is not just for developers, it’s for everyone!” In her talk, Ananya explores the idea of how React can be used for not just static components but for rapid prototyping with interactions as well!

Bhuvana Meenakshi Koteeswaran: WebVR — The Disruption in Immersive Space

Bhuvana is a tech speaker and she always speaks about what she is passionate about. She is a VR/AR enthusiast and has been conferred with the most prestigious award Dr. Kalam Young Achievers Award in the year 2017 for her projects on open source and society beneficial application. She is a WebXR contributor for Mozilla Firefox and she also plays the roles of Mozilla Rep, WebVR and Mozilla Mixed Reality evangelist, Womoz Community Lead and Featured Addons advisory board member. Currently works with the Centre for Internet and Society and researches on bridging the gender gap.

In her talk, Bhuvana talks about WebVR how it works behind the scenes. Bhuvana will also talk about how A-frame, a web framework for building virtual reality experiences can help you get started in the world of WebVR. And since this is a React Event, Bhuvana will also share some tips on how you can use React in a VR environment.

Tanay Pratap: DRY When Writing a GraphQL React App

Tanay is a Software Engineer at Microsoft and works on the Web, React, GraphQL, and everything else.

Don’t Repeat Yourself (DRY) is usually considered as a good way to go when writing any code. In this talk, Tanay explains how you can use middlewares on frontend, links from Apollo, observables, and ASTs to increase productivity while ensuring that you and your team write less repeating code.

Abhinash Mohapatra: Case Study — High-Performance Image Upload for Web

Abhinash is a UI Engineer at Flipkart who is currently working on Flipkart Lite.

Abinash’s talk focuses on how to operate on files and images and extract info from them in the browser. The talk will also go over the efforts made by the Flipkart team to streamline uploading images by customers while they write reviews for the same.

Rajat Kumar: Conditional Modules & Dynamic Bundling, A Netflix Original

Rajat is a Senior Software Engineer at Netflix who is passionate about programming and has worked with several startups and Fortune 100 companies and is a core contributor to Restify.

Rajat will go over his work at Netflix, especially how they have molded Webpack to suit their needs, leveraged AST to identify conditional dependencies in their dependency graph, and glued them all together to build a highly scalable, server-side JS and CSS bundler, that serves a unique user experience to millions of Netflix customers across the world.

Tomasz Łakomy: Sleeping well at night with

Tomasz is a Senior Frontend Engineer at OLXTech. His interests include React, VR, E2E testing, app performance and making cheesiest jokes known to mankind.

Tomasz will talk about how Cypress takes testing a React application to a whole new level. He will show you how to cover a React App with End-to-End tests and also present some of the coolest features of Cypress. In the end, you will not only realize how complex and thorough automated tests can be but also how much fun you can have with them when done right!

I’m incredibly excited to have these amazing people at React India 2019. I’m excited to see their talks and learn from some of the React community’s best speakers.

I look forward to seeing you all at React India this September! If you haven’t got your tickets to this awesome beachside conference yet, then go ahead and do so now! Tickets are selling fast!

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Thank you so much for reading this post! Looking forward to meeting you at React India 2019!

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React India is a community-led not for profit initiative with international flavor. #reactIndia2019