How to Debug React Native Apps in Development and Production

A new free class at React Native School


This month at React Native School is all about debugging your React Native apps!

I’ve just released a new 12 lesson class to help you debug your app, whether the bug is happening in development or production.

We cover:

  • Tools
  • Strategies
  • Techniques
  • Tips
  • Tactics

I’m also happy to say that this course is 100% free forever! Thanks to Instabug for making this possible.

Instabug provides tooling for you to capture in-app feedback, bug reports, crash reports, and error reporting! It’s been a great tool to work with and provides some immensely valuable insights into your production applications.

In the class we’ll actually look into using Instabug to handle some of our production debugging needs.

The course should take less than an hour to complete but will save an immense amount of time over the lifetime of your project!

I hope you enjoy it and would love to hear your thoughts on it!

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