React Native Training

Professional React Native Workshops and Corporate Training by Nader Dabit and Mike Grabowski of

Today we are excited to launch React Native Training.

There is no doubt that React Native has really taken off over the last year and especially over the past few months. While React Native has for a while been a viable option for startups and small to medium size businesses, we are now seeing more and more corporate and enterprise companies looking at and incorporating the technology, rewriting many existing native applications using the framework.

Spurred by the rising cost and decreased efficiency of native cross platform mobile application development, React Native is now not only a viable option, but an exponential cost saver for real world mobile application development for most use cases.

Along with this rise in popularity comes the need for existing developers to get up to speed and proficient with the framework in the shortest amount of time possible. As is the case with any technology, there is no better way to do this than with hands on training from the top people in their field, usually learning in days what would take weeks or months to do so on their own.

We will offer world class and bleeding edge training and course material across North America and Europe, specializing in two things: classroom workshops and on site corporate training.

If you’re interested in us coming to your city, shoot us an email at or visit our website,

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Thanks for your time!