Best Staffing Agencies for IT Projects

The first thing you need to do, whether you want to expand your IT business, handle extra work or develop a new project, is hire the right people. There’s no way you can do everything yourself.

In order to hire the best specialists, you have three options: you can use traditional recruitment agency services, opt for an online staffing platform, or post a job offer and single-handedly take care of the recruitment process. What is the best solution for you? Well, since 42% of employers that were surveyed by were concerned that they wouldn’t be able to find the talent they need, one thing is for certain — you shouldn’t have to look for talent alone. We hope the following comparison will shed some light on this matter, and help you choose wisely — to find the right agency and the best candidates.

General Recruiting Agencies

General recruiting (or contingency) agencies usually operate within many different industries, and work with their clients to find the perfect candidates for entry-to-mid-level vacancies — regarding the company’s special requirements and the candidate’s qualifications. These firms (like Adecco) are staffed with HR experts trained in various branches, and split up accordingly into teams that work with clients from different companies, for example, from IT or manufacturing, etc.

Huge entities with a broad specialization

Contingency agencies are pretty big and have enormous candidate databases, so they can help you hire people for every kind of IT job — permanent, temp or contract. Moreover, they frequently offer attractive onboarding and retention programs, as well as consulting services (i.e., in terms of labour legislation). On the other hand, they don’t usually hire C-level employees or highly trained engineers with very narrow specializations. Plus, the teams work for multiple clients simultaneously, so they may not be as engaged in your recruitment process as you expect them to be.

Executive-level recruiting agencies

Executive search firms (like Korn Ferry or Amrop) do almost the exact same thing as general recruitment agencies, but they focus on finding only top-level staff, like CEOs or CTOs. These firms conduct dedicated searches for full-time positions. Recruiters working for them are commonly called headhunters as the entire process resembles arduous hacking and tracking.

Dedicated but… expensive

The best executive search firms are effective and offer fantastic support. The recruiter (or team of recruiters) is dedicated precisely to your commission and will even approach C-executives who are not actively looking for a job (since 86% of the best qualified candidates are already employed!). But you need to also be aware of the fact that services like this are pretty expensive: there’s usually a flat fee paid upfront for the search, and if you decide to hire the candidate, you need to pay a percentage of his/her monthly or yearly salary, which can be up to 35%, depending on the difficulty of the search.

Outsourcing Companies

These are companies you can hire to deal with your existing internal processes or for the development of a project. You may be hiring the entire company (if it’s small) or just a part of it — a dedicated team. The latter is offered, among others, by Commoditech — an IT outsourcing software development company, experienced in the management of dispersed teams.

Cost-efficient yet not so easy to find

Hiring an external team (instead of a number of in-house employees) often results in financial savings. You don’t have to spend money on onboarding or training. Moreover, there’s only one person (like a project manager) who’s responsible for communications with your company and coordinating tasks. You don’t have to manage everything. It’s really convenient, but only when you select a good firm — one that is agile, responsible and open-minded, with a problem-solving approach. When you choose one without these features — it can do more harm than good.

Online staffing platforms

Modern online staffing platforms work totally remotely for the clients and can be split up into two different entities:

Cross-industry platforms

Like Toptal — a platform for freelancing developers, managers, finance experts and designers. The firm accepts only the top 3% of their applicants, who all need to undergo a rigorous screening process, including skills testing and interviews before they may be connected to any businesses (both big corporations and start-ups) that are looking for the best specialists.

Industry-specific staffing agencies

Like our community platform — React Rangers — which works on a much more specialized level than Toptal. We focus precisely on one JavaScript library — React, which is one of the most efficient and flexible libraries in existence these days. We take care of the programmer’s resume and image, find the most interesting and suitable international job offers, and provide assistance during every stage of the recruitment process. In case there are any problems — a dedicated coordinator is always close at hand. And last but not least, industry-specific agencies like ours are far more likely to create useful educational materials for developers they cooperate with, and speak on an expert level at tech conferences and summits.

Pros & Cons

Platforms like these help you hire the best experts in their areas of expertise. However, Toptal doesn’t offer a deep level of specialization, while we at React Rangers couldn’t help you find very diversified talents, e.i., project managers or graphic designers.


So, as you can see, every solution has its pros and cons which must be considered in reference to your own needs and the nature of your business. Make a list of experts who are vital for your project, and think about whether you require a diverse team of devs, designers, managers, and so on, or maybe you may focus more on finding software engineers with one or more narrow specializations. And if you advocate developing front-end of your application in React, we’ll be happy to help you staff up with the best talents on the market.

This article was prepared by one of the specialists cooperating with React Rangers. Have you ever considered hiring a remote team with the help of a staffing agency? Visit our website for more information about how you can boost your career with React Rangers.