Birds of a feather flock together at ReactFoo

Many first-time attendees of ReactFoo ask what a Birds of Feather (BOF) session is about.

A discussion underway at Rootconf 2018

A BOF is a semi-structured discussion, where resource persons (from speakers and members of the community) guide discussion on focussed topics. Usually, a discussion has three to four broad topics set out in advance. Based on how the conversation is proceeding, resource persons think on their feet and modify course. BOF sessions are typically between 45–60 minutes duration.

Fundamentally, a BOF is intended to be a two-way exchange, where participants share their experiences and ask questions to make the discussion vibrant.

BOFs are not recorded (on audio or video). Chatham House rules apply to all BOFs: you can quote, but not attribute.

BOF sessions will take place on the first floor of the NIMHANS Convention Centre during the ReactFoo conference. There will be signage to guide you to the locations, as well as ushers who will help with directions.

Here are the topics for which BOFs have been curated for ReactFoo 2019:

  • On ReasonML, led by Chirag Jain: if you are working on Types (irrespective of Reason), join the session.
  • Evaluating GraphQL where Kiran Abburi and Abhay Nikam plan to discuss alternatives to GraphQL, apart from common (and uncommon) use-cases, performance issues and learning curve.
  • Running React in production, led by Vipul M, Vinci Rufus, Santosh Grampurohit, Rahul Rout, Jagdish Kasi and Raj Anand. This BOF will cover security with ReactJS, performance, tooling and starting up, server side rendering, and related issues.
  • Gotchas and anti-patterns with state management: when Dan Abramov wrote that you don’t really need Redux, what did he mean? Param Agarwal, Vipul M, Pratik Shah and Nilesh Trivedi discuss the downside of over-using Redux, why front-end apps need state management, and how Hooks are different from Redux.
  • React Native in production: following from the talks at React Native, we thought it best to bring users (and those among you evaluating switching over to React Native) to discuss alternatives (Flutter versus React), performance issues, pain points in migrating to newer versions of React Native and third-party API integration.
  • If Vivek Nayyar’s talk ended on an intriguing note for you, join Ankur Sethi and Vivek in a BOF session on geekery with Babel, ESLint and codemods.

View full schedule here:
Date: 2 March
Time: 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Venue: NIMHANS Convention Centre, Bangalore