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I was working for ESPN during the 2013 layoff. My employer was The Walt Dianey company but my everyday was in service to ESPN.

The days that followed were hard. One day my whole floor was ESPN staff. The next day two thirds of the floor were empty. A fair portion of those remaining working for Disney, like me.

Work in flight, upon which I had been actively collaborating, now had no collaborater and no direction upon whom to work with. This had been a top down cut and reorganization. In the months that followed the work would retire or find new order.

We have created an anti-human world. We humans need not worry about AI taking over. We have already handed our world to semi-immortal legal persons, like Disney or GE or Aetna or, you get the picture.

In the tradition of Disney, where everything is story, that is my story and I’m sticking to it.