Hamlet’s Blackberry: Building A Good Life In The Digital Age

Plato sharing an intimate conversation with Socrates.
“Even when you’re physically with another person, it’s hard to give them your undivided attention for a sustained period, or to receive the same from them. If there’s a digital device nearby, chances are that one or both of you will be distracted or interrupted” — William Powers

Technology makes it increasingly difficult to remain genuinely interested and concerned with the conversations individuals share amongst each other. In fact, social media has made it more challenging for people to feel comfortable with front to front conversations. It becomes less awkward and more simple for people to just text each other instead.

The main intriguing argument William Power’s shares in the Walking to Heaven: Plato Discovers Distance chapter is that people are uncomfortable with the idea of being alone. This is an extremely troubling characteristic because people are unable to experience real peace and tranquility unless they are comfortable with being by themselves. It is rare and becoming even less possible for people to experience true isolation when social media plays such a prominent role in today’s generation.

Social media causes people to crave attention and individuals certainly do not feel alone because of it.