Create Online Forms Anywhere, Anytime with JotForm 4.0

SAN FRANCISCO — JotForm today announced the release of JotForm 4.0, the newest version of the company’s popular online form building software, and the first way to create online forms using a mobile device. JotForm’s brand new form builder has been redesigned not only to improve aesthetic quality, but to improve access to form creation.

New features include:

  • Create forms on any mobile device
  • Edit forms offline, even if a user loses internet access
  • Simultaneously collaborate with teammates on editing a form
  • Sleek, intuitive new user interface

“We wanted to rethink the ways that people create online forms,” said founder and CEO, Aytekin Tank. “Companies work from everywhere now, and we wanted to make sure they could manage their forms from anywhere. JotForm 4.0 makes this possible.”

With the ability to create forms anywhere, anytime, JotForm users are no longer restrained to editing forms from their web-connected computers. For example, if a JotForm user works on a form using a mobile phone while riding a train, and the phone loses internet connection while the train travels through a tunnel, the user will be able to continue editing the form without disruption, with changes uploaded automatically once the user is back online.

Also with JotForm 4.0, users have faster access to popular features, like payment integrations and widgets. And with fewer steps required to implement conditional logic on forms, create autoresponder emails for when someone submits a form, add additional pages to a form, and to add custom designs, users will be able to build forms in less time.

“JotForm 4.0 addresses feedback we’ve received from our users, and we’re really excited to share our new form builder with everyone,” Tank said. “It’s everything that’s always been great about JotForm, but with added features and an improved interface.”

4.0 marks JotForm’s first major re-design since 2009, the last time it released a new version of its form builder.

About JotForm

Since 2006, JotForm has been at the forefront of easy form creation, allowing users to produce powerful forms using a simple drag-and-drop form builder — all without any coding experience. JotForm’s 10,000 ready-made form templates, 100+ integrations, and 400 widgets have made it one of the most popular form builders for companies all over the world.

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