“Protect What Matters, for ‘IT’ Matters”

Security has never been so challenging, since increasing trends in technology are mobilizing business, which means a number of people accessing sensetive data from across locations like never before.
Therefore the challenge for IT department remains to protect this information from loss, theft & increasingly sophisticated threats & maintaining the privacy and confidentiality intact.

Citrix, a recognized leader for its contributions to the advancement of information security, can help you take a “protect what matters” approach to security and risk management that’s right for your organization.

In this exclusive Security Leadership Series eBook, Citrix chief information security officer Stan Black and chief security strategist Kurt Roemer share best practices for:

  • Leading meaningful security discussions with the board of directors
  • Engaging end users to protect business information
  • Meeting security-related compliance requirements

For IT leaders, these security strategies for success are essential reading. Get started today.

Download the whitepaper for further insights.

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