Creating Your Own Problems on CodeHS

We’ve made huge improvements to our customization tools on CodeHS, and how you can easily create your own problems for students with our tool CodeHS Create.

At CodeHS, we make courses for you to use, but we know that teachers still want to customize things for their students. Sometimes you just want to make an extra practice problem, or create an activity for a quiz, or create some advanced challenges. Other times you want to make a list of practice on a topic, and other times even create your own course.

You can now do all of that on CodeHS.


With our tool called Playlists, you can easily make your own problems and give them to students. Maybe you’ll create a list of problems for function practice, or an activity for the holidays. You can make any type of problem, an example, an exercise, a unit test, a video, a quiz and more. If you’d like you can even write your own autograder.

You can try out a few sample playlists I’ve made here.

Olympics Playlist:

Java Method Practice:

Custom Courses

With our Custom Courses tool you can even build your entire course on CodeHS. That means whether you’ve been teaching AP Java for years, or have a Python course you want to move to the web, our tools let you easily give your problems to students and take advantage of the entire set of CodeHS teacher tools. This means you can easily track student progress, manage student submissions, write your own custom autograders, and much much more.

The Best Part…

The best part is that when you create problems on CodeHS, it adds them to a repository of problems created by other teachers. Now you can go and add problems to your course or playlist from other teachers all over the world. Soon, you’ll be able to sort by programming language, by type, by difficulty, by grade level and more — and vote the best problems to the top.

On Free, problems are public, and on Pro you will be able to determine if you want a problem to be public or private.

We’re excited to see what you create!

If you have any questions feel free to email us at