Meet a Tutor: Lizzie Siegle

Lizzie Siegle

Computer Science Student at Bryn Mawr College

Tell us a little about yourself…

Though I call San Mateo home, I’m a sophomore at Bryn Mawr College studying CS and linguistics. I’m a TA for our intro to CS class, play on the tennis team, and love attending hackathons.

When did you first start learning computer science?

I started at the end of senior year of high school when my AP Calc teacher suggested I attend Girls Teaching Girls to Code, an all-day basic coding workshop put on by Stanford CS women. I loved the mentors and the activities, and taught myself web design that summer before freshman year.

Do you have any favorite programs or projects that you’ve built?

At a hackathon this past summer, my favorite project was an Apple Watch app that returned data from the Singapore Memory Project based on your location. I also started a remote mentoring program for kids I TA’d an algebra class for, called edify101.

How would you like to use computer science and programming in the future?

I’m interested in education and working with kids, and starting kids on CS at a younger age. I’d love to be a teacher, a coach, or a software developer and evangelist. As long as I’m building cool stuff and learning new things, I’ll be happy!

Fun facts about you?

I’m half-Chinese, half-White, and have a twin brother who’s interested in mechanical engineering.

Favorite ice cream flavor?

Green tea!

Words of advice for the next generation of coders?

Take risks. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Attend hackathons and events before you’re ready. Build something, anything. Immerse yourself in the hacker community. Don’t pull an all-nighter the first night of a hackathon. Computer science is an unusual field in that the best students spend the most time on their work–it’s not like math where the better you are, the quicker you do your work.

Originally published at on October 8, 2015.