The CodeHS Problem Bank

Create Your Own Coding Problems or Contribute to a Community Repository Made by Teachers

CodeHS Create Lets You Make Your Own Problems

For the last year or so we have been building out CodeHS Create, which allows teachers to create their own problems, playlists and fully custom courses. This is something I’m super excited about because it extends some of the great things about CodeHS. We have a team working hard to build great curriculum, tools, and resources — but as we’ve continued to work with more teachers and schools we’ve found teachers want to use our curriculum, but also want to customize and build upon the platform.

With CodeHS Create you can create a Playlist of problems for an assessment, for extra practice, or for a creative themed event or project. If you have your entire own curriculum, you can build a Custom Course on CodeHS and make use of our code review, gradebook, autograders, tracking and more. We’re seeing teachers use Playlists and Custom Courses in really creative ways.

The Problem Bank Lets You Share With Other Teachers

Now this is where it gets awesome. You may not realize, but there are thousands of teacher and classrooms teaching on CodeHS. While it’s exciting that you can create your own problems directly for your own students, the Problem Bank will let you create, share, comment, upvote and remix problems from other teachers in your school, your district, your state, or even across the world.

You can easily find the best advanced Karel problems, or new Java method problems, or graphics problems, and much more.

This presents a lot of potential for both new computer science teachers and experienced computer science teachers.

For new teachers, you can make use of the great experience and creative project ideas that other teachers are creating to supplement your own classroom teaching. You won’t have to reinvent the wheel.

For experienced teachers, you’ll now have an easy way to share some of the great things you are doing, and an easy way to connect to other teachers in the same place. You can write a problem and then have thousands of students use it.

You can filter problems by programming language, by activity type and more. You can vote up your favorite problems, and remix them into your own Playlists and Custom Courses. You can see a description, starter code, solution code, read teacher notes, and easily try it in the editor.

We’re excited to see how teachers share and use the Problem Bank! Try it out by visiting:

We hope that the tools here can allow you to create an amazing repository of the best coding problems to use with your students.

Have suggestions? Email us at or contribute to the discussion on the forum here: There is a new forum category for CodeHS Create.