Advancing the Working Open Mission

Amy Lee | A Network50 Spotlight

Amy Lee is a microbiologist, bioinformatician, and an Open Science advocate, currently working as a researcher analyzing large genomic data to understand immunity and infection at the University of British Columbia. She has been active in the internet health movement as a Study Group Lead. She is a member of our first cohort of “Network50.”

Amy has been critical to the success of our Mozilla Science Lab, building and leading the first Study Group. Amy’s passion for supporting peer-to-peer learning really set the Science Lab in motion — helping model how local leadership can carry the mission forward.

As the first Study Group Lead, Amy had to evolve a model of how study groups would operate, and what these groups can expect from the Study Group Lead. She has developed and delivered high-quality programs and curriculum, built a community and is now helping, inspiring and mentoring others to succeed.

Mozilla Festival 2015

Amy has also advanced our working open mission by developing curriculum and participating in events that show others how to work openly. She’s been a dedicated supporter and collaborator, across the Study Group program, Open Science Leadership Summit, and the main MozFest stage.

Meet Amy!
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