Are You Building in the Open?

If so: Join forces with Mozilla

Open Leadership Training Round 3 starts in March 2017! We’re looking for Open Project Leaders who want to engage more contributors in their work, increase collaboration, and connect with other leaders in the Mozilla Leadership Network. Apply to be an Open Project Lead today!

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An Open Project Lead is a Mozilla community member who is running or starting an open project. Over the course of the program, they will:

  • receive ongoing 1:1 mentorship from Mozilla staff and mentors
  • have access to a rich community of mentors, technologists and more
  • complete modules and provide feedback on the Open Leadership Training Series exploring best practices for project setup and communication, tools for collaboration, community building, and events and convenings
  • bring their project to Mozilla’s Global Sprint 2017 (tentatively June 1–2) as practical experience mentoring and engaging community on their project

If you (or your team) are running or starting an open project and want to grow as an open leader this is for you! Your open project doesn’t have to be technical! It can be curriculum (open educational resource), an open data project or report, an open source software project, or anything else that has:

  • a way for others to get involved
  • a feature, release, or MVP (minimum viable product) to work on openly with community members during the program
  1. Attend online Office Hours and demos together with the entire cohort going through this program
  2. Meet with your personal mentor every two weeks
  3. Complete assignments from the Open Leadership Training Series, facilitating new contributors on your project
  4. Participate in the Global Sprint (tentatively June 1–2), either remotely or at a nearby site (2 day event, be available 9–5 in your timezone)

Duration: 14 weeks (mid-March — mid-June 2017, details TBA)

Open Leadership Training requires you to add one meeting a week (from 30 to 90min) to your schedule and complete assignments around your open project.

Estimated time: ~3h/week for 14 weeks + Global Sprint

Applications have been extended to February 3rd 11:59pm EST for projects related to Women and Web Literacy, Internet Policy and Advocacy and Internet of Things.

Apply now!

“If you’re doing any work in and around open* you really should give this one a try” — Bastian Greshake

Read, Write, Participate

What Mozilla is thinking, building and doing about internet health.

Mozilla Open Leaders

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A cohort of Open Leaders fueling the #internethealth movement through mentorship & training on working open. Work Open, Lead Open #WOLO

Read, Write, Participate

What Mozilla is thinking, building and doing about internet health.

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