Bridging the Gaps: Building a Toolkit for Civic Tech with Civic Archipelago

By Sarah Melton | A spotlight on a Sprint for Internet Health project

Photo courtesy of Nick Kaufmann

Civic Archipelago is an open educational platform and toolkit for civic tech skills building. I interviewed Nick Kaufmann (@nickkauf) and Chris Bond (@chrisjamesbond) to learn more about Civic Archipelago and how you can contribute to the work.

What is Civic Archipelago?

Instead of prescribing tech solutions, we want to give users flexibility to learn timeless skills like observation, storytelling, and design through real collaboration with their community. Our platform won’t mandate specific technology or programming languages because we want users to be able train in the tech that makes most sense for their community and the challenge at hand. Often times digital technology isn’t the core of what makes a successful civic tech project.

Why did you start working on Civic Archipelago?

What are some other projects or principles that have inspired Civic Archipelago?

What challenges have you faced working on this project?

What kind of skills do I need to contribute to your project?

How can others contribute your project?

How has the Open Leaders program helped you with your project?

What meme or gif best represents your project?

Join us wherever you are during the month of May at Mozilla’s Sprint for Internet Health to work on many amazing open projects! Join a diverse network of scientists, educators, artists, engineers and others in person and online to hack and build projects for a health Internet.

This post by Sarah Melton is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Read, Write, Participate

What Mozilla is thinking, building and doing about internet health.

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Read, Write, Participate

What Mozilla is thinking, building and doing about internet health.

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