Internet Health and the Web’s Promise

Geraldo Barros in his own words | A Network50 Spotlight

By Geraldo Barros

I started in the Internet movement space as a young leader teaching basic digital inclusion skills to local communities in the city of Campinas with a governmental initiative. Since then I see that technology and innovation are important keys in modern life and especially in my local community. I have since been supporting and building programs directly linked to web literacy, digital inclusion, diversity and inclusion, privacy and security, that are the keys to Internet health in the world, and through this I have identified myself with Mozilla’s mission.

A healthy Internet needs me and all of us to ensure open innovation, digital inclusion, decentralization, privacy and security, and web literacy for our largest global resource, the Internet. It is our duty to advocate for a healthy Internet every day because we depend on it for knowledge, livelihood, self-expression… our lives are deepened on the Internet.

My work in this big global community is to collaborate on Internet health starting by connecting my local community to the Mozilla Learning Network to grow their 21st century skills and web literacy, people who are web literate are able to read, write, and participate on the web and support the Internet health movement in their countries and local area.

As an open leader, I work openly and collaboratively with (not for theys, but with theys) Internet citizens to help the Internet Health by building and participating at communities and initiatives highly engaged in the Internet Health movement to take the lead and push the Mozilla mission forward.

In the near future, when the Internet reaches the state of the art, we will have a highly connected and literate society that will contribute to global development in a safe and healthy way, following into promise are some of humanity’s greatest aspirations — self-determination, freedom, education and discovery.

I’m excited to share some of my work and hope this can inspire you to be one of us too! Last year I discussed Copyright at Mozilla’s Maker Party, my experience becoming a Mozilla Clubs Captain, and what being a Mozilla Rep means. I created custom curriculum and ran a digital inclusion experiment. I conducted a privacy and security workshop for educators; participated with the Mozilla community of the free software movement in Brazil; tested Mozilla Learning by teaching activities; helped to create a web that works for everyone, generated new experiences on the web with virtual reality, and more!

Mozilla Brasil no FISL17

Geraldo Barros works as a front-end developer, is a committed young leader in the Internet health movement and is an active contributor to digital inclusion. He has been active in the internet health movement as a Club Captain, Regional Coordinator, and Mozilla Rep. He is a member of our first cohort of “Network50.” Read his recent interview with Mozilla.

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