Join the Sprint for a Healthy Internet

For two fast-paced days, we’re inviting scientists, developers, artists and educators to collaborate on projects that make the web a better place

This June, we’re sprinting for a healthier Internet. Will you join us?

Mozilla’s annual Global Sprint is slated for Thursday, June 1 and Friday, June 2. It’s a two-day global hackathon — an opportunity for anyone, anywhere to energize their open-source project with fresh insight and input from around the world.

Global Sprint participants have diverse backgrounds and expertise: educators in Nairobi, astrophysics researchers in Cologne, online privacy activists in Rio. But we all share a common belief: the Internet should be a global public resource, open and accessible to all. And so we spend 48 hours swapping ideas, code and encouragement, both online and in person.

This year’s sprint is for everyone who believes a healthy Internet and healthy society are deeply entwined. Participants might be teachers drafting a lesson plan for online privacy basics; activists working to connect low-income communities; or researchers building tools to parse data sets. So: Invite others to expand on your curriculum, your campaign, your GitHub repo.

In years past, hundreds of individuals in more than 35 cities have participated in the Global Sprint. We’ve traded astronomy and genomic data, built curricula and tested prototypes. And we’ve set a few records, too: in 2015, the Geotag-X project — a platform to crowdsource analysis of photos in disaster-struck regions — received its biggest contribution ever.

This year, we’re aiming for an even bigger impact. We need your help to spark innovation, cultivate new communities and make the web a better place.

Ready to sprint? Here’s how to get involved:

Participate and contribute during the Sprint. Select a project that’s a good fit for your interests and skills. Then pitch in. On June 1 and 2 you can collaborate online or come to one of our local host sites to work. Information for Participants is here.

Bring a Project to the Sprint. We welcome contributions from a diverse, skilled and passionate group of people from around the world. Move your project forward by leaps and bounds: Information for Project Leads is here.

Host a Local Site at the Global Sprint. Transform a local space — a classroom, a community centere — into a Sprint Host Site. Draw participants to this fun, social, collaborative work event. Information for Site Hosts is here.

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