Mozilla’s Global Sprint is Becoming Even More Open

Starting in 2019 we’re opening the Sprint to allow more flexibility in terms of dates, content, and formats for sprint projects, local leads, and participants.

Every year Mozilla invites our communities to a worldwide collaboration event: the Global Sprint. At the Sprint, designers, developers, students, artists, researchers, and activists and others gather in person and online to work on open projects to make the internet a better, healthier place. The Sprint has always been rooted in the principles of “working open:” all are welcome, projects and communities (not Mozilla) set the agenda, and all work is shared openly.

Each year communities iterate on this model, creating a variety of events from weekend-long competitive hackathons to all-day group learning sessions. And each year communities request to sprint on different dates and times. Now we’re taking a cue from our communities that it’s time for this event to evolve.

Sprint for Internet Health

This year we’re celebrating the launch of the 2019 Internet Health Report by evolving the Global Sprint into a month-long open opportunity for projects and communities to collaborate, hack, and learn together anytime during the month of May. The Internet Health Report is a compilation of research that explains what’s helping and hurting the Internet and how Internet Health directly impacts people’s lives worldwide. Last year’s report is here; look for the brand new 2019 edition in April.

Throughout May, participants will be free to schedule, design, and produce their own events. Events can last a day or two or even longer. It’s up to you! We’ll welcome all projects and participants to the Gitter chat, an open chat space where we can share plans, resources, and progress in the run-up to and during this “sprint month.” In the coming weeks, we’ll outline a streamlined process for listing all participating events and projects on Mozilla Pulse, a digital space to capture and broadcast a stream of projects, in pursuit of a healthy internet. And we’ll release new, updated materials on how to run open events. These materials will be reusable and remixable for all kinds of events. We hope you’ll connect your sprint projects and communities — whether you’re working on scientific software or data privacy campaigns — to the bigger picture of Internet Health, and to a growing movement that supports and better internet for all.

For more on the sprinting for Internet Health, head over to the Gitter chat. Updates, process info, and announcements will be posted there. If you have questions about the evolution of the Sprint, please email us at If you’d like to receive updates from Mozilla about other working open leadership opportunities, sign up here.