Privacy Board Game — #1 project update: from Global Sprint to Mozilla Festival

Geraldo Barros
Nov 3, 2017 · 4 min read

From the Mozilla’s Global Sprint to Mozilla Festival this year, the road so far of development of an open project to teach good best practices of privacy and security for everyone, around a supportive and empowering network.

Starting the challenge with Global Sprint campaign

This year I and Chad Sansing lead the Mozilla Privacy Arcade Offline Games Challenge at Mozilla’s Global Sprint a fun, fast-paced and two-day collaborative event to hack and build projects for a healthy Internet, a diverse network of scientists, educators, artists, engineers and others come together in person and online to innovate in the open.

The Mozilla Privacy Arcade Offline Games Challenge is a project to engage people to invent games to teach the web even when we can’t reach it and our project started as part of the challenge, the Privacy Board Game has been created to explore and analyze everyday situations on the Internet and learn how to navigate safely using good online security and privacy practices, built towards an open, offline, extensible and board game.

We created the board game (prototype) during a site at Google Campus São Paulo along with two other awesome mozillians, Cynthia and Cybelle, community members, in the same afternoon we created a game prototype, website and repository! (yes, working hard because we’re mozillians)

And our work at Global Sprint has been done by the end of day and all inside the repository, check out others games created by community.

Working open guided by Mozilla Open Leaders

In any Mozilla project the first thing we think about is to open the project to enable collaboration around an engaged community, for many it’s enough to have code or project files inside a repository, and maybe a community call here and there to align goals and tasks to be done. It’s not open anymore for us.

Mozilla Open Leaders is a cohort of project leads fueling the Internet Health movement. Receive mentorship and training through the Mozilla Network in this 12-week online program on working open.

Inside the Mozilla Open Leaders now we’re receiving training and mentoring to create an awesome project towards working open, see the roadmap here.

Some of the awesomeness we’ve done now following the project’s mentoring are:

🍕Hungry for more?🍟 Check our project repository on GitHub now!

🎮 Game Play at MozFest 2017

Mozilla Festival, a three-day celebration of the world’s most valuable public resource: the open Web. Terrific for those who are passionate about any aspect of the open Web, whether it’s open data, the Internet of Things, privacy, web literacy, or anything else. This year happened in October 27–29, 2017 Ravensbourne College, London.

Privacy Board Game — We Need Your Help posters at MozFest

🎮🎮🎮 Game Play? Make your groups and let’s start!

We lead a game play to let people learn good privacy and security practices, discuss unhealthy everyday situations of privacy and security, feedback and contribute to our project!

We supported this learning forum session with board game, speakers and material in Spanish, Portuguese and English.


  • Newest French and German translators! 🆙🆙🆙
  • Suggestion to make the board game more fluid and rethinking the level of everyday situations and strategy to make the board game more fair. 💓
  • Invite to lead the session at Germany 🇩🇪 in a security event. (Germany, here I come)

WOW! Our work is just beginning, until the beginning of December we will end our training and mentoring journey around the Mozilla Open Leaders, and awesomeness things should arrive next year (did anyone speak in a repaginated board game, or more games?).

See you in our next project update! 😀

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Read, Write, Participate

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Read, Write, Participate

What Mozilla is thinking, building and doing about internet health.