Skincare and Opsec Forever

Addie Wagenknecht
Jan 29, 2019 · 1 min read

Beauty vlogs and cyber-security tips actually make a pretty good couple

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Step 1: Uncap under eye concealer.

Step 2: Discuss threat modeling.

Step 3: Dab on under eye concealer.

Step 4: Switch from passwords to passphrases.

Cosmetics tutorials and cybersecurity may seem like strange bedfellows. One deals in eyeshadow and moisturizer; the other in two-factor authentication and network vulnerabilities.

But in the world of YouTube — where beauty vlogs are abundant and reliable cybersecurity advice is scarce — they actually make a pretty good couple.


Borrowing beauty vloggers’ DIY aesthetic and focusing on the real-world applications of infosec (e.g. thwarting nosey partners), I filmed tutorials that everyday users might find appealing.

You could squander precious time watching twice as many videos: one on applying korean sheet masks, and one on the merits of password managers.

Or, you could multitask and watch videos that tackles both 👇

Lesson One: My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard (and why that might be an issue).

Lesson Two: Passwords and how to not suck at getting hacked

Lesson Three: 20 seconds to better security

Lesson Four: Give boys a fake phone number

Lesson Five: Why hackers love stickers:

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