Starting the School Year with Privacy and Security in Mind

Remix these Thimble projects to learn about online safety

Hacker Cards activity on Thimble, CC-BY moz://a

On a healthy Internet, privacy doesn’t mean you have something to hide. It means you have the ability to choose who knows where you go and what you do. At Mozilla, we work to provide tools and fight for policies that respect people’s identity and data across the Internet.

To help you and your learners practice strong online safety habits, we made a back-to-school Privacy & Security kit for Thimble, our online code editor. We created 3 new activities for you to remix.

Hacker Cards. Choose the best response to each “attack” to protect your privacy and beat the hacker! Learners can remix the cards to add their own Privacy & Security scenarios and solutions.
Privacy Fill-in-the-Blanks. Complete the “MadLib” style story to find out what you can do to protect your privacy and safety online. Start a conversation about common Privacy & Security features and habits learners can use any time. Learners can remix the code to tell their own stories using their own fill-in-the-blanks prompts.
Security Avatar. Make your own security avatar card that highlights your online safety skills. Learners can remix theirs cards to create creatures and heroes that protect their online Privacy & Security.

The big idea is to start a discussion about Privacy & Security using these activities. After that, learners can remix them to share what they’ve learned about keeping their identities and information safe and secure online.

These activities are conversation starters that educators and facilitators can use to help learners better understand Privacy & Security in their own lives. Alone, the activities are meant to be fun and engaging. Coupled with conversation, they’re meant to help educators and learners take next steps like strengthening their passwords and adjusting their location and privacy settings to better manage what they want to share and what they want to keep private online.

We hope these activities give you a chance to discover and react to the Privacy & Security challenges you and your learners face every day. Have fun remixing the projects and let us know how to improve them by tweeting @MozLearn.

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