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Anelda van der Walt | A Network50 Spotlight

Anelda van der Walt is a bioinformatician, a researcher, and entrepreneur. She leads Talarify, an eResearch consulting firm, and worked previously as an eResearch Analyst at the University of Cape Town. She has been active in the internet health movement as a Study Group Lead within the Science Lab. She is a member of our first cohort of “Network50.”

Anelda is a trailblazer for open science in her native South Africa, and more generally, across Africa. She is an excellent advocate and an outstanding contributor for diversity, digital inclusion, open access, and open science. She has been a Study Group Lead herself and is great connector and resource to other study group leads.

Anelda is very passionate about teaching and promoting openness in research and works to help researchers learn and understand how to make their work more open. She moves forward our web literacy mission through curriculum development and delivery of learning materials to audiences that wouldn’t normally have access to such materials.

Read Anelda’s recent interview with Mozilla.

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