The Mozilla Backpack is Transitioning to Badgr

This August, Mozilla is retiring its Open Badges Backpack platform. We’re providing an easy-to-follow migration path for users who want to move their badges to Badgr, the free and open-source platform by Concentric Sky. If you’re part of our Open Badges community, please watch for an email from Mozilla — it will contain a secure link to your badge data and detail how to migrate your badges.

Last August, Mozilla Executive Director Mark Surman explained Mozilla’s changing role with Open Badges. “As the opportunities for growth and development of badges became apparent, it was clear that a steward more closely linked to educational standards was required if Open Badges are to be truly successful,” he wrote.

This new role entailed transitioning stewardship of Open Badges from Mozilla to the IMS Global Learning Consortium. And, transitioning users, at their option, from Mozilla’s Backpack to Concentric Sky’s Badgr.

We’re excited to see what’s ahead. As Mark wrote: “Concentric Sky will continue to innovate around federation in their Badgr platform, meaning the whole badges infrastructure will continue to evolve. Mozilla is proud to work in collaboration toward a world where learners can earn credentials across platforms and shape new learning experiences on the open web.”

Concentric Sky has gone above and beyond in assisting us with the transition, creating a migration tool which gracefully navigates the technical challenges and provides solid protections for user privacy. The Badgr team has also taken steps to help ensure that existing third-party integrations with the Mozilla Backpack will continue to function in the new environment. If you or your organization have questions about the Backpack going forward, we invite you to direct them to Concentric Sky.



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