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Open Graduation Classes | An Open Project Spotlight

Felipe Do Espirito Santo (@felipez3r0) is a Professor at FATEC in Taquaritinga and São Luís University in Jaboticabal. A longtime Mozillian, Felipe was selected to join the Cohortzilla cohort in our current round of Mozilla Open Leaders with his project, Open Graduation Classes.

I interviewed Felipe to learn more about Open Graduation Classes and how you can help.

What is Open Graduation Classes?

OGC (Open Graduation Classes) is a method built to work with students, professors, and professionals to develop open graduation classes. Using the OGC method universities can improve their classes, professors can share their content, students can participate in the classes building processes and professionals can suggest and improve classes to adapt to the actual needs of the market.

Why did you start OGC?

I’ve started OGC last year when I got new classes for work. The process of class building takes a lot of time and effort, and sometimes we leave a lot of interested people outside of this process (like the students!). So, I thought using GitHub might be a good way to share my content with other professors, professionals, and the students. This way they all can help to build a better class, and as a bonus, they can learn about open source practices and how to use Git.

Have you noticed a difference is student engagement since adopting GitHub in the classroom?

I think since I’ve started “testing” the OGC with them they became more interested in the classes and in finding open source projects to participate in.

Only a few students have sent content to the classes, but I’m trying to improve this (thinking about giving rewards as they start to send pull requests to the class repository). This is the link to the first class using the method (Pt-BR).

What challenges have you faced working on this project?

This is my first “big” open project, so a lot of stuff was new to me. Working open is something amazing, sometimes you got a problem and then someone has gone through something similar and they help you to solve your problem. The greatest challenge was to translate all the ideas to English and organize everything to put on GitHub. Thanks to Hacktoberfest we got a lot of help on grammar and typos.

What are you most proud of accomplishing during the Mozilla Open Leaders?

I’m really happy with the results, during Mozilla Open Leaders with all the meetings (go Cohortzilla!) and the help of my mentor, Alissa, we’ve come from a scratch on a piece of paper (in Portuguese) to a repository full of content and explanations around the project (and even a logo!).

It was an amazing experience, I’m recommending that everybody here in Brazil sends their projects to the next round!

How can others help you continue the work on Open Graduation Classes?

We need more classes (we only have half of a demo in English and another class in Pt-BR), primarily we are looking for more classes in English, but they can be done in any language and we can try to translate it later. More feedback on the method would be great and if people want to suggest something they can send to us a PR on the repo (or open a new issue).

Some links to start contributing right away: Contributing Guidelines and Roadmap.

What meme or gif best represents your project?

It’s a tough question, we have tons of gifs to choose from! But maybe a funny gif about how much we change when we start sharing knowledge. :)

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