Introducing Private Conversations on Web Articles

ReadBoard is the fastest way to start conversations on web articles with people you know. It makes you wonder, how did you live without it so far! :) (OK, OK bragging is over.)

But these conversations were by default public. That means, everyone on can view those conversations and join if they want to.

But what if you want to discuss something in private with your colleagues or start a secretive conversation with a friend on web articles?

Well, you can do that now with ReadBoard. :)

Download latest ReadBoard Chrome Extension for that. If you already have one, just make sure it is of version 1.0.14 or more.

And this is how it works!

Private Conversations have a little red border on top on No one but you and invited people can see them.

On article page, you see a red icon indicating a private conversation. You cannot share a private conversation on social media.

ReadBoard is making the Web a better place to converse, one feature at a time.

Are you on-board yet?

I am Abhishek Desai, co-founder of Digicorp and product manager of ReadBoard and BA Apps.

ReadBoard is the fastest way to start a conversation on any web article with your colleagues, friends and family.

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