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Do You Worry Much About Your Life Circumstance

Worry not about anything because life is just a dream.

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Well, it is a beach, anyway. If you know how dramatic it can be, you are sure of how to go about it. You should worry no more about life.

Do you take a little time to examine those things which if you do, would ruin your happiness forever? How would you go about them if any?

For people who are liable to emotional suffering, there is something they have not figured out yet that needs to be fixed in their lives. Sometimes, we just have no idea whether if we do this or that, things are going to be alright or worse. But if we truly care about ourselves, there is always time to make it up to our desires.

The problem is that we do not give ourselves time. The time to ponder on certain things which could be affecting us spiritually, physiologically, or physically.

When you sit down and focus on examining that one problem, there is a possibility, that you will come up with a way forward. People occasionally do this. Instead of challenging the mind to find a solution, we create a gap for grief to take over.

Grief comes in as soon as we become troubled and is uneasy to walk out of. Allowing the mind to get disrupted by grief will only break you down. Better be angry than incorporate grief. Because, when it gets bigger, do you know what comes next? — Fear.

We don’t want to live a life of fear. What is there to be afraid of? There is only one thing that always got me frightened in the past which I think I am no longer worried about.

The issue was about the end of the world. It didn’t sound good to hear anyone talk about the end times. It bears grief. Because most of us humans are not prepared for it.

The mental torture that I got after hearing the mystery usually took me days to forget. But nothing can truly set you free than to follow and speak the truth. I used to tell lies and did nasty things more often a few years ago.

However, life got to question me. Why are you doing this? Do you know this can spoil you and your life will forever be unhappy life? I had to think twice about the things that I used to do and brought them to an end.

Literally, this life is not guaranteed for us. We have it at someone’s mercy. And there is not a single person who can deny the fact that life is a difficult opportunity. If you care for your life, you care about others. The reverse is the truth.

The truth could be a priority asset in preparation for the end of times. It will help to know right and wrong. Secondly, truth guides us through life.

If you think about the things that are worth doing right now, you might realize that almost everything that humankind is trying to do if not God’s work, is time-wasting.

I narrowly got crushed by a speeding car last week as I was traveling to my workplace. We were lucky it knocked our bike to the side and stopped right there. We fell on the other side of the road but I did not develop any scratches much as that was a fortuity.

I wasn’t shocked even though the bike I was sited on went in misshape. I was strong because I knew, how to hold fear, and besides, it was not my day. But I also had strong faith that God is always with me.

In that way, grief and fear could not intervene. By that, I was able to head on my journey with a free and relaxed mind.

We all know that life happens once. There is not a second life on earth, therefore, no need to fear anything.

With faith, you can fear nothing at all and it is a source of happiness for life. Are we together?

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