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For All Of Those Who Quit Medium and Bounced Back to Start Again

Never forget, the second-best time to do anything worthwhile is “at this very moment.”

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Writing on Medium, in my case, has been a roller coaster ride. Somedays I’m all pumped and excited and on other days, not at all—dull and pessimistic about the subject.

Some months, I write 30 posts. Other months, none at all.

I was not on Medium in November and December. But was around, definitely. I was reading and commenting on posts here every now and then.

But why didn’t I write? Because it started to feel a bit tedious. And I’m a hell of a procrastinator. And the rest of the story is clear, I guess.

And now that I’m back to writing, it’s tough—really tough — to get used to this platform. That’s why I’m writing a lot lately, in order to find out what works and what doesn’t.

I don’t get as much views as I used to but that’s fine as I’m pretty confident that it’ll slowly get back to those numbers.

The bigger concern is “What am I going to write?”

And speaking of that: ‘I don’t know.’ I honestly don’t. Let’s ride the ‘Uncertainty Wave.’ I’ll get that figured out too, very soon.

Quit. Started Again.

I guess most of you who are reading this have probably quit writing on this platform at some point in the past but have started again.

Or you’re planning to restart. Maybe ‘resume’ is the better word.

First of all, you deserve huge applause and “Congratulations, you made it!” Making this far would not have been easy.

To all of those who are ‘planning,’ get that shit done ASAP and get back to writing!

The medium might have changed a bit. Or your views might have plummeted. But don’t worry, everything is going to be alright. You are going to make it. Take it easy and persevere.

You might have learnt a lesson or two. First being importance of consistency and second being that life is all about those changes and how we confront/react to them.

And one more thing, this is as much of a personal reminder to me as it is a post to you. Hope this helps you to write more and share your voice. It matters.

And overall, Medium is a pretty good place to do so, don’t you think? I’d also love to know how you bounced back after your break from the platform. Please share your perspective; it may turn out to be of great use to someone.

I hope this new year will bring with it positive changes to your life. Looks like that’s it for this article. You can read me more here: VRITANT. Until next time, don’t fear to commit mistakes but also don’t forget to bounce back.

Bye and much love,

A random 15-year-old ❤️☺️




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