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How you can increase joy by crying more often

What are tears if not mirrors of our souls?

Tears can symbolize exhaustion and hopelessness but they can also become a great supporter in our relentless quest for happiness. We associate tears with vulnerability and vulnerability with openness but too often mistake them for weakness. It is true that tears are the twins to our emotional tempers but what if we accepted and allowed them to become the mother of our enlightenment?

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I used to believe that tears could only be synonymous with sadness, pain, or sorrow. I couldn't fathom that crying could also provide me with transparency, honesty and eventually become my pathway to happiness. One of the big misconceptions I subscribed to was that by showing emotions I was debilitated from finding strength in challenges that would eventually turn themselves into glorious accomplishments. This in return transcended into the realization that if we make enough room for grief, we can find the will to pour joy into every channel in our life.

Being emotional is one of the personality traits I have come to cherish most. I embrace tears and allow them to guide me through a path that I once felt fearful of. I have found that being in tune with my emotions has helped me become more comfortable with myself and build exponential confidence. I have also learned that crying helps you revert back to the root of your innocence, the child-like attitude and outlook on life, the candid approach you had to confrontations, and the relentlessness in being joyful for no specific reasons, just because it made you feel good. Acting like children is within our core and should be one of our strongest values but as we get older we become jaded towards the infantile side of our being and sterner in our views of the world.

Let the tears down so you can let the seed grow and let joy blossom.

Tears can become the gateway to healing your soul. We hold so much tension due to our lack of tenderness towards ourselves and are skeptical around the subject of crying only because we hold our character to standards our higher self doesn't align with. Being submissive towards our feelings does not equate to being unwilling to combat what comes up against us daily. We build more strength by unlatching the floodgates that hold stress, anxiety, anger, depression, and sadness than we do by holding those doors shut. Crying is healthy and enables you to shower both your self-conscious and subconscious with kindness and trust. When you allow yourself the freedom to find strength in being vulnerable you can embrace life as a truly joyful being. Not in seek of validation but in search of peace and fruitful acceptance.

Seeing someone ball their eyes out in front of you can be very uncomfortable. You may not know what to say or how to say it, if a hug is welcomed or if they’d rather be left alone. Everyone feels and acts differently depending on their emotional bandwidth. Maybe instead of trying to process their feelings for them, we should just try to level with them and share tears together, this may be unconventional but it has been proven to help others in pain elevate their state. Why? Simply because at that point they don’t feel judged, inadequate, or pressured, they feel relatable and therefore will be more likely to open up to a new perspective and potentially find joy and comfort in the support provided.

Crying can help you connect with yourself and others. Community groups and crying clubs have literally been built to sob together as it increases productivity, releases stress, and finds more gratitude overall. There are so many benefits to letting tears run down your face, whether emotional, physical, or even spiritual, you will feel a lot lighter after engaging in a good old crying session.

Learn from your tears as much as you learn from your laughs.

Challenge yourself to :

1- Cry sincerely.

2- Cry more often.

3- Cry when you are sad.

4- Cry when you are happy.

5- Cry when you are grateful.

6- Cry whenever you feel like it and don’t apologize for it.

Thank you for reading.

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