One Thing that People Miss out & Stay Unhappy forever!

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People focus on everything else so much to miss out on this!

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Ben (B): Hey, it's time to wake up! It's 06.30 am, and I have to catch the bus to work by 08.00 am. Get up, honey!

Emily (E): mmm! Okay! am tired, and it's cold! (wrapping up under a duvet!)

B: Hey, it's 07.00 am, and let's get up to have a cup of coffee together!

E: okay!

Ben and Emily step out of their bed. Ben gets ready to catch the bus to work. Emily prepared some pancakes with coffee for Ben. After munching the pancakes and sipping the coffee, Ben rushed to catch the bus to work. It was an hour's travel from his home to work.

Ben arrives at work, gets stuff done, leaves work by 6 pm, and reaches by about 7.30 pm. He eats dinner with his wife, goes for a long walk, and hits bed by about 11 pm, thinking about the next day.

As the routine repeats, he gets bored and frustrated. He gets burned out and wants to quit his lucrative job! After about a year, he left the job with great relief, only to join another one after about six months.

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Most of us may resonate with the above story and feel that your day slips off the moment you wake up!

Wake up → Routines → Work → Sleep → Wake up, and this continues!

The moment if we try fitting in something like an online course, or a fitness routine, we must sacrifice either of the below:

  1. Cut the work hours, or
  2. Reduce the sleeping time, or
  3. Cut off the fitness routine

The moment we try to fit more things into our day, it becomes stressful, leading to inconsistency in what we want to do!

In trying to conquer everything in life, we all miss out on one important thing! That is nothing but 'Joy'!

Many assume,

Only if we earn a million dollars, we get Joy!

Only if we run 10 km a day, we get Joy!

Only if we drive a Tesla…



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