Price of Everything & Value of Nothing

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What a fine morning it is, and I am on my way to work. As usual, I attend to my emails, newsletters, and WhatsApp messages during my transit to work. One of my friends shared a link in WhatsApp about a letter handwritten by Steve Jobs at the Age of 18. It caught my attention, and I bookmarked it to read later during my lunch hours.

I clicked on the link with excitement and curiosity to know what Steve Jobs could have written at his age 18.

Source of the Link: Click Here (

It is about the late Steve Jobs' handwritten letter auctioned by Bonhams in Los Angeles.

The Letter from Steve Jobs was a reply to his childhood friend Tim Brown. The letter starts -

“Tim I have read your letter many times. I do not know what to say.

Many mornings have come and gone. People have come and went.

I have loved and I have cried many times.

Somehow, though, beneath it all it doesn’t change — do you understand?”

The letter seems to reply to Tim, where Steve says that he has read the letter multiple times and looks like he did not understand it. Steve revealed his plans of attending the great Indian Kumbh Mela, and upon his return, they can meet and discuss.

“If you desire, and I am still here when you arrive, we can come up here in the mountains together and you can tell me your thoughts and feelings, which I did not fully understand from your letter”.

My perception from the letter is that both Tim and Steve have had a deep, meaningful discussion (not exactly sure on what topic, though). My assumption on the letter's context is that it should be more to do with life and philosophy (or) something to do with life/purpose etc.

“There is a fire in the other room, and am getting cold here. I will end by saying I do not even know where to begin.


Steve Jobs”

I am impressed, and it makes me think a lot when I read the last sentence. What could have ever gone in his mind at the age of 18 to write such a letter that is poetic and thoughtful.

As Oscar Wilde rightly said,

“People know the price of everything, &

the Value of Nothing”

I wonder whoever wins the auction will ever bother to think through the meaning or the depth of Steve's letter. Presale estimates for this letter are likely to be US$200K to $300K as per the source link.

The letter auctioned at US$200K to $300K, which is nothing when it comes to those two minds who were discussing something in depth. It shows such a depth in personality, which must have made Steve Jobs for what he is renowned.



Sriram Balasubramanian
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