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The Chase for Academic Excellence Creates the Need for Cram Schools

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To my readers who may not be familiar with the term cram school, this refers to extra classes students (scholars take to improve their academic performance or enter a university of their choosing). Many countries in the world have cram schools and they go by many names with the growing competency and education levels in the world, meaning only the creme gets chosen from the lot. They attend cram schools.

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WHAT Is cram study? This is a study technique where a student (scholar) essentially stuffs a load of information into their short-term memory for an upcoming exam or test. Though stressful and bulky it teaches you how to work under pressure.

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Pros And Cons Of Cram Study

Cramming is said to increase one’s stress levels, especially when done last minute this is because students either sleep or work up in the early hours of the morning to maximize their last-minute revision time. This could either go well or end very badly as it is a massive risk-taking.

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Because you’re sleep-deprived. Do it right!

In conclusion, get enough sleep! Lack of sleep can make you irritable. Sleeping has been scientifically proven to improve your memory which accelerates your recollection ability.



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