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This is What You Need To Become Successful as a Writer

And no, it’s not what you think

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Who doesn’t want to be a writer extraordinaire? When we start our writing journey, consciously or subconsciously, we have thoughts to become famous and rich from our writing.

Writers are a rare breed. They are mostly not interested in marketing, tech, sales, etc until they are. They care just about their writing.

But the brutal truth of today’s world is that you’ve just got to sell just about everything. No matter if the end customer needs it or not, people sell and earn huge profits.

The definition of a “successful writer” doesn’t equate with being rich, I know. And I’m not equating it either. Nevertheless, that could be true for many of us. There’s no fault in expecting a sustainable income from doing things you love to do. Be whatever the case, you and me, as writers, do want our words not addressed to void.

But you’re a writer and not a salesperson, right?
Then what you should do if you’re in the nascent phase of your writing journey? I am, for instance, so it’s kind of like a note to self! (age doesn’t matter here)

This is the tweet from where I’m borrowing the word:

a tweet from Dickie Bush.

And that is “Credibility.”


No one likes to hear from a stranger and expecting someone to come and read your pieces, again and again, is just otherworldly.

Not all the times you need credibility, for that matter, most of the time you don’t need it. But it’s also true that where credibility works, nothing else can even compete.

You don’t need credibility to speak your heart out.
You don’t need credibility to write a work of fiction, or a poem or a travelogue.

But you unquestionably need it when you’re giving a piece of advice, else the reader might take your words as just another voice coming out of the void.

I’ve seen many self-help and motivational speakers who are newbies and they preach concepts without proving their credibility or even stating someone else’s. People feel connected when you name someone they know; when you give an example of someone they trust/admire. They will stick around. They will come to read your pieces regularly as they will slowly begin to build that connection with you, too. This is how you’ll start earning credibility. Until then, curate the experts, as Dickie Bush further said in that tweet.

I’m honestly in love with this idea of his and would encourage every one of you to give that thread a read.

Use the concept of credibility when you are:

  • Giving out advice. If you’re not an expert in the field you’re talking about, quote or curate an expert. This way, not only readers will believe what you’re saying is authentic but also build your credibility in their minds.
  • Talk about something which you think your readers will hesitate to believe in. In this case, it’s always important to cite the sources. This could be anything from a fact to statistics. To build credibility, cite your sources and provide some further reading materials.

Hope you found this article interesting and found the information helpful. 😊
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