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Variations On Death

December Variation

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A person needs to obtain a passport and ID card after death, That is natural patriotism.

If people do not need to deal with these after death, then is a narrow and closed concept and habit. When a person lives in this world, he should be suspicious and questioned in his attitude towards all things that he can see. For example, money, after death, people still need to work hard to earn money to support the family, that is money worship, money is the only goal of life. If a person needs to have intercourse every few days after he dies, and he has a physical reaction when he sees a handsome guy, and not sleeping is not enough to calm the soul, then it is sexism. The highest ideal in life is to sleep many girls. All the value of life while alive is only reflected in the genitals, and after death, it is only a genital.

This point of view

Death is a major event, the most important event for a person.

If there is a stable analytical coordinate system for the questioning of human existence and meaning, then this stable analytical coordinate system is death.

Death is an instrument of torture, death is a cross, death is a journey through this concrete world, through our hard and troubled lives, through our lingering dark human nature, through the days when we care about one and lose the other.

Death happens on the cross, just as mathematics happens on the coordinate system. This is not a coincidence, but the wisdom of the cross illuminates the human mind, which in turn illuminates our lives.

Think more about death, and think more about death based on the revelation of the cross. Death is a big event that surpasses the human mind. People can never really explain the problem of death by relying on their own reason. Therefore, we must come to the cross to meditate. All thoughts about death that are not developed through the form of the cross are people’s ignorance of the problem of death, and they are all trying to explain the infiniteness of death by human finitude.

Woe to people who interpret death as the cycle of time just by seeing with their naked eyes. Day and night reincarnate in a day, spring, summer, autumn, and winter in a year, the plants we are familiar with are always reincarnation, the flowers we love are always blooming and declining, but human life is not human life It starts from the order of God’s creation and runs straight towards the benchmark; human life is the way to go after hearing the gospel of the water and the Holy Spirit; human life is the way to enter the eternal kingdom of heaven by God’s salvation and complete human life Ultimate transcendence.

Dark place in the 4th dimension

People who are always afraid of death and avoid death, people who rack their brains to try to survive, actually died when they were still alive; it seems that the body that is still walking is only able to Move corpses.

The throats that seem to be able to speak are nothing but open graves.



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