Empowering Human Networks To Create More Relatable Role Models

Nov 29, 2015 · 8 min read
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1. Expanding Beyond Hyper-Local Networks

Our strongest influences are our Mom and Dad. They are our first role models and, for the lucky ones amongst us, they are there to guide us through most of our lives. They are the nucleus of our hyper local network of siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles, neighbors and schoolmates.

Our strongest influencers — Mom and dad, are the nucleus of our hyper local network .

2. Schools And Colleges Are An Opportunity To Step Out

Women enter post-secondary educational institutions at nearly the same rate as men. They outscore men on nearly every measure of academic success; getting better grades and higher test scores. Image by Mayank Sufi.

3. Potential Is How Far You Can Really See

Very often our potential is limited by the paths that our peers and seniors are taking because that is how far we are able to see. We pick up dreams which belong to someone else and try to make them our own. Trends around us, unfortunately, tend to limit our potential. How can we create an environment where we are able to look beyond these trends and follow our original dreams?

4. Women See Themselves As Outsiders

Most of our decisions, from where to travel to whether to have kids, are simply based on our ability to imagine ourselves in a place or a situation. Too often Indian women find it hard to see themselves in professional leadership or anyone more than a temporary participants in a workplace.

5. The Marriage Clock

The hypnotic tick tock of marriage clock

6. Finding Mentors Is Hard For Young Women And Even Harder In India

I came across many instances where women in their 20s were reluctant to reach out to discuss their career goals with male colleagues. Our social and cultural biases frequently tag these attempts as violation of glass wall that still exists between men and women in a workplace.

7. Big Country, Small Communities

If we are surrounded by so many bright successful individuals, why is it still so hard to find a mentor or a role model? One possible explanation is that we live in very small communities that differentiate themselves along cultural lines.

8. “She Did It, So Can I”

What makes a good mentor or a role model?

9. A Nudge Is All That Is Needed

A simple affirmation from somebody who has been in the same situation can reduce the anxiety related with career and family decisions and ultimately boost the overall confidence.

10. Everybody Is A Mentor And A Mentee

A mentor just like me!

11. Designing Digital Mentorship Networks

Most of our Facebook friends and LinkedIn connections are people we already know through our hyper-local circles of family and work. LinkedIn provides opportunities to gain new professional connections, but often these connections are impersonal and not focused on mentorship. Even in a world that is more open than ever before, understanding cultural contexts is still critical, and that understanding seems to be missing from current digital social networks.

12. Introducing Connectedreams!

Connectedreams is an online data driven mentorship platform designed to provide Indian women all over the world with the opportunity to speak to, learn from, and be guided by others just like themselves. It is designed to help find connections that are relatable on aspects such as culture, interests and educational background.

Connectedreams.com- An Online Data Driven Networking Platform to Bridge the Mentorship & Role Model Gap
Panelists of the Groupinar “Design Education Outside Of Design School” | Jan10th 2016 at 8:30 pm IST

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By joining, you will not only open a door for yourself, but also for someone else who could learn from you.

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Connectedreams.com: Data-Driven Networking Platform, Bridging The Mentorship & Role Model Gap.


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Connectedreams.com: Data-Driven Networking Platform, Bridging The Mentorship & Role Model Gap.