10 Best Holiday and Christmas Books for Adults in 2021

10 Best Holiday and Christmas Books for Adults in 2021

On the occasion of Christmas, 10 recommended best Holiday and Christmas books for adults not to be missed

Today we will share Best Holiday and Christmas Books for Adults. The holiday reading list we provide is partly from past Christmas recommendations, and the other part is new books, ranging from detailed historical rumors to reimagining of Christmas classics, and also includes interpretations of humorous family gatherings and some classic Christmas books for adults.

Holidays and Christmas seem to be the days when friends and acquaintances gather together. And myself, it seems that there is no one to ask for, and there is nowhere to go. The more holidays, the more lonely I feel.

It doesn’t matter, if no one is available, you might as well make an appointment with the best holiday books for adults. Not only can accompany you to spend a fulfilling festival, but also let you settle down in the hustle and bustle of the world.

Below, I have compiled the 10 Best Holiday and Christmas books for adults/everyone, whether it is warm, nostalgic, or thrilling. There is always one that suits you and accompanies you to spend a different kind of Christmas.

10 Best Christmas Books 2021 — Holiday Books for Adults

Table Of Contents

  • 1. Mr. Dickens and His Carol
  • 2. Christmas Bells: A Novel
  • 3. Skipping Christmas: A Novel
  • 4. The Christmas Train
  • 5. The Twilight Before Christmas: A Novel
  • 6. A Christmas Memory
  • 7. The Christmas Shoes
  • 8. Royal Holiday
  • 9. The Twelve Dates of Christmas
  • 10. Letters From Father Christmas

1. Mr. Dickens and His Carol

Mr. Dickens and His Carol by Samantha Silva

Charles Dickens had no sense of the coming Christmas. His new book “A Christmas Carol” is considered to be a completely bad book. Critics oppose him and relatives are chasing his debts everywhere.

Although his wife plans to organize a grand and luxurious holiday party to maintain their circle of relatives and friends, Dickens has a new understanding of this impoverished experience. When publishers tried to blackmail Dickens to write a book to save them from the financial crisis, he refused. And a solemn journey of writers began.

In exhaustion and self-doubt, Dickens sought solace in his great hall of thought, the City of London. During the endless night walk, he met the mysterious Eleanor Lovejoy-the “Muse” he needed in a once-bustling square.

When the deadline was getting closer, Eleanor pushed Dickens on a wonderful journey, testing all his beliefs about generosity, friendship, ambition, and love. Finally, the story he wrote will affect Christmas forever. A holiday. Later generations commented that Dickens’s works were perfect readings to instill the spirit of Christmas in readers.

2. Christmas Bells: A Novel

Christmas Bells: A Novel by Jennifer Chiaverini

In 1860, the Henry Wadsworth Longfellow family celebrated Christmas at their home in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Longfellow’s classic revolutionary war poem “Paul Revere’s Ride” was published less than a month later, and the country’s serious political turmoil was weighing heavily on his heart. However, in the company of his wife Fanny and five beloved children, joy still prevailed.

Looking to today’s Boston, Sophia, a dedicated teacher at Watertown Public School, was stunned by the bad news about the holidays. Sofia’s music program has suffered budget cuts, but she is worried not only about the unemployment problem she is about to face but also about the impact this will have on poor students.

In the church where she volunteered to be the music director, Sophia tried to forget her sorrow during the rehearsal of chorus with the children on Christmas Eve. To commemorate the local artist, Sophia chose a carol to recite the brilliant lyrics written by Longfellow before Christmas, even though he suffered a great loss for this.

“Christmas Bells” records the events of 1863, when the peaceful life of the Longfellow family was unfortunately broken, even more, embarrassing than during the war. Even after suffering great pain, Longfellow’s patriotism has never diminished, and the power bursting out of his language has not been weakened. “Christmas Bells” is a verse he wrote for this holiday, expressed in the form of poetry, and sang like a carol.

Jennifer Chiaverini’s passionate and sincere novel of the season reminds us why we must continue to move forward with enthusiasm even when we are facing difficulties. Reading “Christmas Bells” can inspire glorious joy in the pious chorus.

3. Skipping Christmas: A Novel

Skipping Christmas: A Novel by John Grisham

Luther and Nora Krank had had enough of Christmas chaos. The endless shopping list, the madness in the mall, the trouble of decorating the Christmas tree…Where did the joy of the holiday go? This year, it seems that a lot of energy has to be spent to celebrate the holiday.

But because their daughter Blair was on a mission in Peru, they decided to skip this Christmas and spend all their Christmas budget on the Caribbean cruise. The cruise ship will set sail on December 25th. They can participate in some festive parties and spend a peaceful holiday happily.

But things did not develop as expected. Their neighbors on Hemlock Street strongly opposed their decision to boycott the holiday, because if Krank did not renovate their house, this would jeopardize the neighborhood’s chances of winning the best neighborhood award.

So their neighbors launched a series of actions to prevent the Cranks from skipping Christmas. In addition, their daughter also told them to take their fiance home for the holiday on Christmas Eve, and the Cranks began to prepare for the holiday after several setbacks. The process was very tortuous.

Readers generally think this is a very relaxed Christmas book. The author’s unique irony and humor can’t help but make people think. In addition, the author’s attempt at light comedy is also very worthy of recognition.

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4. The Christmas Train

The Christmas Train by David Baldacci

As one of the most popular storytellers in the United States, David Baldacci’s popular novels have attracted the attention of millions of people. In order to show the extraordinary plasticity of his writing, Baldacci made a new interpretation of this classic festival.

The broken dream reporter Tom Langdon must set off from Washington to Los Angeles at Christmas. He was forced to embark on an adventure and holiday magic journey on the train.

He had no idea that the train carrying him across the United States would actually take him to the rugged area of his heart. He rediscovered the nature of people’s kindness and the very special people he thought he had lost.

There are many unforgettable characters in “Christmas Train”. They are intelligent and like pranks… At the same time, they show us how to grasp the second chance and realize our deepest hopes and dreams in this magical season.

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5. The Twilight Before Christmas: A Novel

The Twilight Before Christmas: A Novel by Christine Feehan

The best-selling novelist Kate Drake is one of the seven witches with magical powers. At the annual Christmas party in a small town in Northern California, Kate returned home. In order to retain the civilization of this season, she decided to open a bookstore in a charming but dilapidated factory.

Former US Army Ranger Matt Granit is a local contractor. In order to get close to Kate, he doesn’t mind working in this well-known strange house. Because this quiet, sexy woman is very attractive to him.

But an earthquake revealed a buried crypt, and Kate realized that a century-old evil force would be released. Although Matt vowed to protect her forever, Kate knew that she had to pool the power of her and her sisters to defeat the darkness in order to prevent the dark forces from destroying Christmas…

It is worth mentioning that the author Christine Finn in the list ranking New York Times bestselling author, she wrote the novel “The Black Prince” earned nine supernatural Excellence Awards in Romantic Literature in 1999 (Paranormal Excellence Awards).

Christine Fein also appeared in many writers’ conferences and signings, including Romantic Times Convention, Reading Cruise at Sea, Celebrating Romance Conference, Emerald City Conference, and many Romantic Writers’ American Conferences. At the same time, she was also a special guest at the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con and hosted her own FAN conference.

6. A Christmas Memory

A Christmas Memory: One Christmas, and The Thanksgiving Visitor by Truman Capote

“Christmas Memory” was first published in 1956, using the popular autobiography of Truman Capote’s memories.

7-year-old Buddy cried loudly to his cousin at Christmas: “This stupid weather!” This started a strange and lasting journey of memories about the friendship between the two. “Christmas Memory” is described as the “jewel of the holiday story”. The warm and exquisite illustrations in the story are worthy of every reader’s collection.

Truman Capote is an American writer born in New Orleans in 1925. He has authored many classic literary works, including the novella “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” ( 1958 ) and “Cold Blood” ( 1965 ).

In “Cold Blood”, Capote pioneered the “True Crime” documentary literature, which was recognized as a milestone in popular culture, and died in August 1984.

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