20 Classic Books That are Actually Good

20 Classic Books That are Actually Good

Today we will talk about What classic books are actually worth reading? and recommend you 20 Classic Books That are Actually Good.

Now all kinds of electronic products are all around us. Few people can calm down and read a book, but books are the ladder of human progress. If you want to make progress, how can you do without books!

The editor will introduce 20 books to you. Classic books, I hope everyone likes them, calm down and read them carefully.

I am a person who loves to read. When I go to college, I have a small goal, which is to read famous novels. However, as I read more and more books, I find more and more that classics really attract my attention.

The following 20 classic books all have one thing in common for readers. When they first read, they will have a confused feeling of “is this book really a masterpiece? Why don’t you know what the author is talking about”.

After reading it, you will be shocked by the ideas expressed in the book. They are like spirits that have been hidden for a long time and have a slightly mellow aroma, and they always find their stamina after drinking.

Books are the way for us to acquire knowledge. We can accumulate more knowledge by reading one more classic book in our life. The following are the 20 classic books recommended by the editor for everyone to read in life, welcome to refer to them!

After reading these 20 classic books, you will have endless aftertastes that are worth reading again and again.

Table Of Contents

1. Pride and Prejudice

2. Rashomon and Seventeen Other Stories

3. Nine Stories

4. Cathedral

5. The Outsider

6. The Moon and Sixpence

7. One Hundred Years of Solitude

8. Little Women

9. Tess of the D’Urbervilles

10. I Capture the Castle

11. Crime and Punishment

12. The Secret Garden

13. Wuthering Heights

14. Anne of Green Gables

15. The Lord of the Rings

16. The Wind in the Willows

17. The Catcher in the Rye

18. Invisible Man

19. To Kill a Mockingbird

20. Emma

1. Pride and Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

It is the masterpiece of the famous British realist female novelist Austen. Her works are narrow in subject matter, basically describing love stories of the class she lives in.

However, she observes carefully and writes delicately, vividly, and profoundly describing many aspects of life in that era, with a distinct epochal character.

2. Rashomon and Seventeen Other Stories

Rashomon and Seventeen Other Stories by Ryunosuke Akutagawa

The book “Rashomon” can be said to be the author’s representative work. The author created the whole book in a romantic style. The storyline created by the author is very novel and wonderful.

The author is particularly good at using simple words to show us the ugly phenomenon in society. It is the author’s precise vision of society that makes readers like Akutagawa Ryunosuke’s works very much. The book “Rashomon” contains 13 excellent short stories.

This book conveys to us the author’s understanding of people and his helplessness in life. After reading this book, you will have endless aftertastes. I think this book Books can be read over and over again to find your true self.

3. Nine Stories

Nine Stories by J. D. Salinger

The book “Nine Stories” is the author’s representative work. The book created by Salinger has no specific background, but the story of the book is very exciting. The story structure of the book is completed by the dialogue between the two people.

After reading this book, it will convey to you how to do things better. There are 9 articles in this book, each of which tells us that even the people closest to you know nothing about you, so don’t lose hope in life. The author believes that the world of children is the real world, and the world of adults is something the author does not want to mention.

He thinks that the world of adults is like a humble and terrible world. This book makes us think about our own life through the characterization and description of 9 stories. I think this book is worth collecting. After reading it, you will have endless aftertastes and find your true self.

4. Cathedral

Cathedral by Raymond Carver

The book “Cathedral” mainly describes the attitude of the common people towards life. The anger and deterioration of the common people’s life, it shows us that the common people have to get up again after the suppression of life. They are silent and peaceful towards life. Lonely.

The book earned a Pulitzer nomination for its accurate portrayal of civilians. This book depicts many stories of civilian life. Although they are suppressed by life, they will not be defeated, and civilians will only become stronger in the face of life.

This book makes us start to think about our own life through the description of civilians. We should have a strong heart to struggle with life. This book is worth reading again and again. After reading it, it is very memorable and finds the true self.

5. The Outsider

The Outsider by Albert Camus

The full text of this novel by Camus is about 100,000 words and can be read in a day. More than seventy years after the original edition, this book is still timeless.

In every advancing era, there will be social impetuousness, and every seemingly quiet person has the shackles that they want to break free of. Just like the title of this book, break free from social standards and become an outsider. So this book is enduring.

Camus’ writing and narration are inherently sharp, and there are also many classic views and golden sentences in the book, which are worth reading many times.

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