What Are The Top 10 Masterpieces of Books In The World?

Top 10 Masterpieces Books of All Time in The World

Top 10 Best Books of All Time Worth Reading in My Life

In this article, we will share What Are The Top 10 Masterpieces of Books In The World? and refers to 10 classic masterpieces books selected according to a poll of 100000 readers in 100 cities across Europe, Asia, the United States, Australia, and Africa organized by the New York Times and reader’s Digest of the United States. These Top 10 masterpieces represent the most representative world literature masters of Britain, France, Russia, and the United States and the most influential masterpieces among them.

So which books are that? what are the 10 best books of all time? Listen to me introduce one by one

Table Of Contents

  • Top 10 Masterpieces Books of All Time in The World
  • 1. War and Peace
  • 2. Notre Dame de Paris
  • 3. Childhood
  • 4. Wuthering Heights
  • 5. David Copperfield
  • 6. Red and black
  • 7. Les Miserables
  • 8. Anna Karenina
  • 9. Jean-Christophe
  • 10. Gone With The Wind

Top 10 Masterpieces Books of All Time in The World

1. War and Peace

Author: Leo Tolstoy

Reasons for recommendation:

This book is great because it is not only a simple literary work, but also a social encyclopedia integrating philosophy, aesthetics, religion, and so on. It is a representative work of Russian writer Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy.

The text vividly and vividly depicts a group of exciting figures in the history of Russian literature with extremely simple words and excellent and amazing psychological analysis. The author describes the two kinds of life and two clues of “war” and “peace”, forming an encyclopedic epic.

Top 10 Masterpieces Books of All Time in The World

War and Peace: With bonus material from Give War and Peace A Chance by Andrew D. Kaufman

Promising review:

All I can say is that this is quite the Epic. War and Peace is not a book that any attempt at speed reading will succeed. This is a book to read thoughtfully & there are many places to re-read until the light bulb goes off. This is a book to read when you have no distractions & can give it your complete focus…you just might miss something. I will admit that there were times when I wished Tolstoy would just get to the point! He could say the same thing in many ways, but he was always trying to get the reader to consider all of the information contained. — Read More — Kindle Customer

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2. Notre Dame de Paris

Author: Hugo

Reasons for recommendation:

Notre Dame de Paris is an important feature of the novel because of its rich imagination, grotesque plot, and peculiar structure. This book is written to narrate the word “destiny”. Hugo, a great humanist, seeks the true meaning of destiny.

Both Claude and Quasimodo, in the final analysis, are social people. Their inner division and conflict reflect the division and conflict between theocracy and human rights, ignorance, and knowledge-seeking, between the huge and heavy dark system and the struggling vulnerable individuals, which finally leads to the tragic ending of the sacrifice of all the characters in the tragedy.

The novel adopts the romantic technique of reflecting real life with ancient historical themes. The author also uses the personification of the technique to regard the relief of man and beast and the shrine of the emperor in Notre Dame as witnesses to witness the vicissitudes of the world, which adds to the romantic atmosphere of the novel.

Top 10 Masterpieces Books of All Time in The World

Notre Dame de Paris (French Edition)

Promising review:

Faultless French language will definitely test your knowledge. Beautiful scenes such as the mother protecting her newly found daughter and of course the inevitable romantic and sad ending. All this sometimes lost in Hugo’s dissertation on religion and passion. Hugo originally wrote the novel to convince Parisians to save the crumbling Notre Dame cathedral. — Read More — lollipop mum

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3. Childhood

Author: Maxim Gorky

Reasons for recommendation:

Childhood is a unique autobiography. Unlike most autobiographies, it creates a portrait of a protagonist. It is more like a long and colorful oil painting, restoring a period of life in an era and a family.

In this period of life, there are many protagonists. Both the beautiful and the ugly stand in front of the readers at the same time, impacting the readers’ minds. Childhood, with its unique art form, profound ideological count, and unique artistic features occupies an important position in the history of Russian Soviet literature and even world literature and has incomparable artistic value.

Promising review:

This is a wonderful book that takes place in 19th C. Russia. The times are hard. The people are tough and sometimes savage. But we get a view of the world through the eyes of a child who will grow up to be one of the great Soviet writers. — Read More — Steven R. Severance

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4. Wuthering Heights

By Emily Bronte

Reasons for recommendation:

Wuthering Heights, through a love tragedy, shows people a picture of life in a deformed society and outlines the human nature distorted by this abnormal society and various terrible events caused by it. The whole plot of the story is actually unfolded through four stages. The first stage describes Heathcliff’s childhood life with Catherine day and night, the special feelings formed by an abandoned child and a young lady in this special environment, and their resistance to Hendry’s tyranny.

The second stage focuses on Catherine because of vanity, ignorance and ignorance betrayed Heathcliff and became the mistress of Thrushcross Grange. In the third stage, a lot of words are used to describe how Heathcliff turned his hatred into revenge and revenge in despair. In the last stage, although only the death of Heathcliff is explained, it highlights a brand-new change in his mind, the recovery of human nature, when he understands that Hareton and little Catherine love each other, which makes the tragic love with horror reveal the light of hope.

Top 10 Masterpieces Books of All Time in The World

Wuthering Heights

Promising review:

There is something about this book that draws you in even though most of the characters are self-centered and malicious and you tend not to like them. The current of love, lust, and possession runs throughout the story which is told to the new renter of “The Grange” by the housekeeper of Wuthering Heights. — Read More — View from the hills

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5. David Copperfield

By Charles Dickens

Reasons for recommendation:

David Copperfield reveals the real situation of the society at that time through the tragic and joyous life of the hero David and highlights the corrosive effect of money on marriage, family, and society. The formation of a series of tragedies in the novel is caused by money.

Murdstone coveted David’s property by cheating on David’s mother; Emily’s elopement was unable to withstand the temptation of money; the Wickfield family’s pain and Haimu’s despair were all the consequences of money.

And the despicable Heep is also in the temptation of money step by step degenerate, finally ended up in life imprisonment shameful end. It is from the humanitarian thought that Dickens exposed the evil of money, thus unveiling the beautiful curtain of the Victorian age and revealing the hidden social truth.

Top 10 Masterpieces Books of All Time in The World

David Copperfield

Promising review:

This could be the height or depth of Dickens’ art. It is up to you. David Copperfield is such an empty vessel, such s pliable lump of clay. How could anyone take interest in him?

He does not mark the world but seems to take on the shape impressed on him by those around him. He does not affect the world but is affected by it. If you stop there, he is the most boring character in the world. — Read More — Kindle Customer

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6. Red and black

Author: Stendhal

Reasons for recommendation:

Red and black is a monument of French and even European literature in the 19th century. Focusing on the description of the protagonist Julian’s personal struggle and two love experiences, the novel reveals the turbulent class struggle during the restoration Dynasty and reflects the broad life picture of political darkness, church corruption, aristocratic reactionary, and bourgeois’ greed.

Through the literary image of Julien, on the one hand, it describes the panic of the nobles and the small and medium-sized bourgeoisie on the eve of the July Revolution in France under the impact of the people’s revolution; on the other hand, it creates an artistic image of a personal careerist who appears in the drastic social change and beautifies the bourgeoisie’s outlook on life and happiness.

The structure of the novel is rigorous and symmetrical, and the language is concise and fluent. The characters and characters are closely connected with the environment. It is good at revealing the inner conflicts of the characters and the instantaneous changes of thoughts and feelings, to highlight the personality characteristics of people. This is the biggest artistic feature of the book.

Top 10 Masterpieces Books of All Time in The World

The Red and the Black (Penguin Classics)

By Stendhal (Paperback)

Promising review:

Stendhal concludes this tale with a dedication: TO THE HAPPY FEW. After we read about Julien Sorel, the protagonist, and the people he encounters, it is an apt way to finish the book because what is missing from the story is happiness. The few times it happens, it is always conditional. Even when Julien experiences love, he is overwhelmed by feelings of triumph, not passion. — Read More — G. Brozeit

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7. Les Miserables

Author: Victor Hugo

Reasons for recommendation:

In Les Miserables, Hugo shows the cruel reality of enslaving the working people and forcing the good into prostitution in a capitalist society with outstanding artistic charm. Hugo’s novel, which is handed down from generation to generation has created a long historical account reflecting modern social and political life in France.

The time span of the book is nearly half a century. The combination of personal destiny and historical themes is magnificent and colorful, which reflects Hugo’s extraordinary talent in the narrative. In terms of its rich, profound, and complex con10t, it undoubtedly ranks first among Hugo’s numerous works.

Top 10 Masterpieces Books of All Time in The World

Les Miserables

By Victor Hugo (Leather Bound)

Promising review:

Who is responsible for this gorgeous design?? I can’t tell you how gorgeous this book is in person. My father has a great love for all things Les Mis and when he saw my copy he fell in love. — Read More — Alexis Poulsen

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8. Anna Karenina

Author: Leo Tolstoy

Reasons for recommendation:

Anna Karenina is a representative work of Leo Tolstoy, a famous Russian writer. Through the two clues of the heroine’s pursuit of love tragedy and Levin’s reform and exploration in rural areas, this book depicts a broad and colorful picture of Russia from Moscow to other provinces and villages, and describes more than 150 characters, which is a work of social science.

Anna, a noblewoman, pursues love and happiness. However, she suffers from the hypocrisy of Karenin and the indifference and selfishness of Vronsky and finally ends up on the track and the corpse station. Levin, the manor owner opposes the private ownership of land, resists the capitalist system, and sympathizes with the poor peasants.

However, he is unable to get rid of the aristocratic habits and fall into an irreconcilable contradiction. The contradictory period, the contradictory system, the contradictory characters, and the contradictory psychology make the book toss in the contradictory whirlpool. This novel is a reflection of the frightening Russian society in the period of the transition from the old to the new.

Top 10 Masterpieces Books of All Time in The World

Anna Karenina

By Tolstoy, Leo (Paperback)

Promising review:

Tolstoy wrote from the heart about Levin, the intellectual farmer who tried to live a good life which he defined as being respected by the peasants who labored on his farm. Levin wants to be honest, yet social. Private, yet open. He’s such a glorious mixed-up man, at his best when harvesting wheat with his peasant brothers. — Read More — Wide-eyed

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9. Jean-Christophe

Author: Romain Rolland

Reasons for recommendation:

Jean Christophe is a novel that reflects a series of contradictions and conflicts in real society through the protagonist’s life experience and advocates humanitarianism and heroism.

The novel describes the protagonist’s life of struggle, from the awakening of musical talent in childhood to the contempt and resistance to the powerful in youth to the pursuit and success in career after adulthood, and finally to the lofty realm of spiritual tranquility.

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10. Gone With The Wind

By Margaret Mitchell

Reasons for recommendation:

“Gone with the wind” is a romantic novel written by Margaret Michelle, a famous American writer. This long-lasting novel has moved countless readers. It’s been remade many times into a movie. The film is also known as gone with the wind. Through the magnificent scenes of war and the delicate and realistic characters, the novel deduces a touching love story in poetic language.

“Gone with the wind” is one of the most classic love masterpieces in history. The novel takes the American Civil War as the background, and the mainline is the love and hatred between several men entangled by Scarlett, a strong and willful lady of the manor.

It is accompanied by major changes in society and history. Everything familiar with the old days will never return It is not only a masterpiece of human love but also, a grand historical picture reflecting great and profound changes in social politics, economy, and morality.

Top 10 Masterpieces Books of All Time in The World

Gone with the Wind

Promising review:

I’m not the biggest reader of fiction but I could not put this book down. I’m a big history and biography reader. This book has a history in it…it lets you know how the people of the south lived before, during, and after the war. It’s a love story, tragedy, it’s about perseverance.

I finished it two weeks ago and I want to read it again. I’ve seen the movie about a hundred times in my life…I watched the movie again as soon as I finished the book and it made the movie much better. As you watch you’ll understand more about each character, especially Rhett Butler. — Read More — Frank A.

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Conclusion Of The Top 10 Masterpieces of Books In The World

The reason why famous works are called masterpieces is that they have eternal themes, classic characters, high artistic value, can pass the test of time, and have certain popularity. They are not only popular but also enduring.




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