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Mic iOS 2.0.2 launch notes

Today we’re rolling out a few updates to the Mic iOS app. We wanted to list them here as well as provide a few early data points on app uptake.

If you haven’t yet used the app, download it on the App Store.

Updates in 2.0.2

Now that the election is over, our Elections Live topic will turn into Navigating Trump’s America, a cross-platform editorial series that will cover the Trump presidency, the Republican party it constructs, and the America it makes. We’ll also fold our Politics topic into Navigating Trump’s America.

We found that our World News coverage often gets cross-posted as Breaking News and Trending News, so we’ll deliver international coverage through those channels.

We also made a few improvements around accessibility and analytics.

Early stats

The core user experience of the app is notifications. We’re happy that of the tens of thousands of users who have downloaded the app since November 3, 76% of all users enable push notifications. The average last year was about 49.8% (per Localytics).

One user behavior we wanted to learn about was expanding rich notifications. The new rich notifications in iOS 10 greatly expanded the expressive potential of push notifications. But how often were iPhone users expanding notifications at all?

We found that on devices with 3D touch, 56% of users expanded at least one notification, meaning they were familiar with the UX pattern. On devices without 3D touch, this rate was 38%. So we think there’s still more room for educating users onto this useful behavior.

We were also curious about usage of the custom action buttons on rich notifications, which allow a user to read a full story, toggle sound on a video, share a notification, and give positive or negative feedback.

The answer to this question is it depends on the button. Users were very inclined to read a full story (13%) and give positive feedback (10%) but less inclined to use the share button or give negative feedback (both 2%).

Get it

If you already have the app, you should automatically get the new version soon. But if you don’t have it, download the app in the App Store.

And if you have any feedback at all, email