What’s Crisp? Pringles, autumn mornings, and now, Tenreads.

There are two kinds of people who can afford to spend every waking hour of the day collating the world’s news — kingmakers and retired grandpas. For the rest of us, it’s not just hard to run through a hundred news sources to pick the stories that really matter — it’s impossible. Between New York Times and TechCrunch, the Sun and your local daily, Facebook and Twitter, just staying updated with what’s happening around us becomes a full time job.

That’s true now, and it was just as true in 2014 when we started working on Tenreads. We built Tenreads to help you discover the ten best stories everyday on the things that matter to you, delivered twice a day as email digests. Initially intended as a place to connect with your interests, Tenreads quickly evolved into a place for people to keep up with daily news. The evolution was not easy, naturally. But we picked up on a few patterns that became clearer as more and more people started using the product.


It seems pretty obvious in hindsight (don’t most things?) but people care more about what is happening in their country more than anything in some far-flung corner of the world. So we launched Local Editions to help you stay in the know on what’s happening wherever you are.

We made it possible to start reading news on Tenreads in just one tap, with zero setup — because we learned that one of the most annoying parts about downloading a new app is having to set it up! To enable this and also to cull down on overload that Tenreads itself was causing (!), we trimmed the number of topics from 138 to a mere six.


Over time, we felt that a digest delivered twice a day did not quite do justice to the time-sensitive nature of news — Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un keep changing the world’s narratives every few minutes. You should know that Robert Mugabe is being ousted in a military coup as it happens — not half a day later.

We also came to understand an interesting trait of most interesting news. Some news stories get interesting only over a period of time — as more things ‘happen’ and you can analyze the how’s and why’s with the power of hindsight. Going back to Mugabe and the coup, we believed that you should be able to understand how the ‘less interesting’ events that unfolded over the previous weeks led to this inevitability in the Zimbabwean political stage.

A new world order for Tenreads:

We brought these realizations to life in January with a radical new reading experience. Long, winding articles on arcane topics from a plethora of sources were bundled into small snippets and delivered to your devices in real-time. You could skim through gists of all news stories, dive into the ones that mattered to you, get a cross-sectional view across opinions, and run through the entire timeline of events that resulted in today’s news.

It was seamless, and people loved it.

But with this evolution, we also made our most fundamental alteration to what Tenreads is. Tenreads is no longer a collection of ten articles. In other words, while our core philosophy is still the same — to give you just the stories that matter — we’ve now come much further in terms of how we deliver on this promise.

And it is time for our name to reflect that.

We wanted a name that emphasized the essence of our evolution. The name needed to relate to the bite-sized nature of summaries, the completeness of Timelines, the freshness of our real-time updates, and the authenticity of our unquestionable sources. All in one word.

Six naming sessions and a conference room whiteboard full of names — Tinypaper, Glance, Fodder, NewsContext, Limelight — later, we were still unsatisfied. We wanted something else.

We wanted something that was … Crisp.

Tenreads out. Crisp in.

Starting today, we are moving from Tenreads into a new brand called Crisp.

Crisp, as in a box of Pringles (bite-sized), Aesop’s fables (complete), an autumn morning (fresh), and a $5 bill (authentic) — all in one. And that’s what we are. In a line, Crisp is the best way to get your daily news in a minute. Say hello!

So, what do you need to change at your end? Nothing.

You can simply update your existing Tenreads app and continue using it everyday as you always have. All Tenreads links you have shared or bookmarked will automatically redirect to the respective Crisp pages. And you can even follow the same accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

One more thing.

With a new name, we are also launching Local Editions in Singapore and the United States this week. And we will be opening up Local Editions in three more countries — United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia — in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!