You have some bad news.

You hate reading the news. Don’t get me wrong, you love keeping up with the world. But, you hate reading the news. And who could blame you? You’re a busy person with things to do and places to be. Reading long, winding articles written by a journalist ridden with biases on a topic you don’t know the history of, doesn’t sound like a particularly enjoyable or effective way of keeping up with the world.

News has become noisy. You’ve publishers churning out too many articles on too many topics multiple times a day. You deserve to have someone sift through this noise and deliver to you just the news that matters. And not just deliver it like a paper boy throwing the newspaper at your face as you open the door in the morning.

No. You, reader, deserve better.

Your attention span is less than that of a goldfish. That is eight friggin’ seconds. So, your news cannot be 500-word monstrosities shoved down your throat. It ought to be fed to you in bite-sized nuggets that just give you a gist of what’s happening. You want someone to cut through the opinions and give you just the facts. And let’s face it, for most stories, three sentences is what’s the right amount, not thirty. Traditional publishers don’t get this — they still continue to churn out articles long enough to make Nile look shorter by a mile. But apps like Inshorts have nailed this experience by cutting down the clutter and bringing the news to just 60 words. The popularity of such apps tells us that summaries as a format of news consumption, is here to stay.

But then, there really are times when just a summary doesn’t quite cut it.

When a topic is important enough, you want to go beyond a summary. Surely, you can’t expect to just skim through a summary to understand Russia’s intervention in the US elections, can you? This is when you really want to get the very opinions you avoided with the summaries. You want the in-depth coverage.

And when you do, what would be more unfair to you than showing just one article, one voice, one journalist’s opinion? You deserve better. This civilisation deserves better. The world has endured one-sided media coverage shaping public opinion for far too long. It’s time to put an end to that. You, are the only person fit to form your opinions and perspectives.

The news you read ought to go beyond biases and paint the true, true picture by giving you multiple perspectives on a topic. Your news app must pull in coverage from USA Today that tells you what Barack Obama has to say about Russia’s meddling and RT News explaining Vladimir Putin’s standpoint on the issue. That, is the only way your news must be delivered. Everything else is mere propaganda.

But then, what good are these perspectives if you missed reading the news for a few weeks and don’t know what happened in the meanwhile?

You woke up to find that Obama has suddenly imposed sanctions on Russia. “Wait, what!?”, you think, but God knows why. It’s like learning about that crazy, juicy breakup on your college campus without knowing what the couple fought over. It kills you! You’re left scratching your head.

When was the last time the news you read gave you this context? When has your news actually told you everything that happened before this that led to this? How many hours have you spent idly Googling articles and reading drab Wikipedia entries trying to make sense of what’s happening on an issue you’re truly intrigued by?

News publishers and news apps rarely give you this context. And this context, my friend, is the meat. In a world where news comes with a 140-character limit, that is what weaves yet another article into a coherent story. So, your news needs to have every bit of context there is to a story built into the story itself. It needs to tell you everything you need to know, without you so much as lifting a finger.

You’re a busy person, your news must understand that.

We do.

We define an ideal reading experience as one that gives you the right amount of the right news in the right format at the right time.

At Tenreads, over the past year, we have been building that ideal reading experience, aiming to be the only app you need for your news. And we are incredibly thrilled to put it in your hands today.

Starting today, every story on Tenreads will be condensed into bite-sized summaries (atomized), with in-depth coverage pulled in from multiple sources (aggregated), and will have the history of every story that has one (contextual).

And this is what it looks like!

The Ideal Reading Experience on Tenreads

The latest version of Tenreads with the new reading experience is now available as a free download for Android and iOS. With this release, we take one step further in becoming the newspaper of the Artificial Intelligence era. We hope you love it as much as we do. As always, I look forward to hearing your feedback. Please tweet to @gokulns or email me at with your thoughts!

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